Friday, September 27, 2013

in response to the rain and shop talk

This morning, walking the yard, I noticed the gifts that the rain last week brought, as if the rain itself was not enough of a gift.

yellow rain lilies

not exactly a fairy circle, more like a fairy conga line

miniature amaryllis

We got home early yesterday evening after spending 3 ½ days in the city getting the glass logo sign for the bank finished. I had ordered the glass, an oval, before I left for the residency and when we finally picked it up, it did not fit the art work from which I had made the pattern. Neither did they return the pattern so I had to make another one and try again. Only this time, I made two patterns, one to give the fabricator and one to keep to check the glass against. We picked it up Monday and it fit so while we had had months to do the job, we actually ended up with only a week since they wanted delivery by the end of the month. Installation is set for next week.

I'm almost done with the full size art work for the other little job we have, a window between the master bath and the closet. It used to be an exterior window before they added a huge closet onto the house.

Their closet is bigger than my bedroom. And it is crammed full of clothes. She has a floor to ceiling cabinet with just all her purses in it. She must have 50 purses and an equal number of shoes. Maybe more. Why do people acquire so many clothes? So they can wear a different outfit every day of the year? And it's not just her. He has an enormous amount of clothing as well.

Marc and I could fit all our clothing in 7' of closet space. Winter and summer combined. And we could probably get rid of some of those.

I do have a design sketch to do for a new job but the other proposals aren't moving. There was some movement on two of them earlier but neither has responded to my reply last week about what they needed to do to get things moving.

Ah well. Back to business as usual. But that's OK as I'm ready to get back to the casting work which I haven't had time to work on for nearly a year.


  1. i know you're personally enjoying a bit of slow spell, again. but i hope it does not last too long. :)

    we have a few white rain lilies here. hoping we'll get some more rain this weekend!

  2. Your photos are splendid! LOVE them and feel like running nude through nature answer: I make the felt with raw wool, raw rovings...that is the point actually. Making felt.

  3. I don't get the clothing obsession either. We have a 3-door wardrobe that holds everything (except jackets and coats) for me and Dave.

  4. At least she has room to store the clothes properly. The difference between the well off and the rest of us--a lot of things.

  5. Wow! That closet sounds awesome!!
    I could use that...ha!
    My gathering leans to shoes!!
    Loved your photos....wonderful

  6. My clothes seem to accumulate & yet I wear the same things over & over. Some things need to be pitched - Mike told me that I was not allowed to wear a particular pair of jeans in public again (you can see my underwear through a hole by the back pocket - & I had just worn them out to do errands on Monday. Oops!).

    LOVE the mushrooms! And the mini Amaryllis - so pretty.

  7. What beautiful pictures! Wow.

    A closet like the one you describe sounds horrible to me. I'm oppressed by too much stuff as it is and I own barely anything compared to most Americans. Yikes!


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