Saturday, October 5, 2013

model making and other stuff

We decided to come home a day early this week, on Wednesday instead of Thursday, because we were not going to finish the little commission and would have to go back next week any way. We could have finished it but we opted to go out with friends we haven't seen in many months instead.

So that meant I didn't get the stencil finished Tuesday which meant that Marc didn't get the stencil marked up which meant that by the time I finished and he finished on Wednesday, it was too hot to start sandblasting and one day, Thursday, wasn't going to be enough time to complete the work so...

We're very good at rationalizing.

I worked on the new model Thursday,

finished yesterday.

Starting a new one today.

While I'm otherwise occupied with this work, here's a peek from around the yard this week.

a new bromeliad erupting from the base of it's dying parent

what passes for fall color around here

a mockingbird singing his little heart out

the white butterfly ginger liked the rain

zinnia so intense it almost vibrates


  1. Even in fall the flowers are beautiful.

  2. Whoa - love those flowers! Especially the zinnia - pow!

  3. That model is gorgeous; looking at the photos I see how closely you've observed petals. So beautiful.

  4. I second Kerry -- the model is amazing. The fall color is nice, too!

  5. A delightful share. I wondered if you smoothed the wax with heat or lots of care?

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  8. Your work is always so beautiful. As is the photography. I love "so intense it almost vibrates." :)

  9. I do love your artistic lifestyle...



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