Saturday, October 26, 2013

grandkids, Halloween, and work

My daughter brought all three girls out last Saturday to spend the night (we all need a break from each other, she says) so while the youngest lost herself in MineCraft, the twins and I worked on red yarn wigs for their Halloween costumes, (twin) Raggedy Anns. I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of them trying on the finished product. I hesitate to call them wigs as it's not a wig so much as a mop on top of their heads.

The grandboy didn't come this quick trip since because, as he is 16 and can get a job, he went out and got a job working at the neighborhood grocery store. He likes it. He likes having money in his pocket. Now if he would just like his schoolwork enough to graduate we'd all be happy.

I've started making some little things for the open house in December this year. I've got some pieces in the kiln forming over fiber paper to emboss the glass with the design for little garden sun catchers. Marc's going to make three of the plain small bowls and he's been working on the molds. I still have some of the little cast pieces from last year and I want to do a set of 4 tiles using clay for the models. Something quick and easy, a little less controlled.

OK, quiet out there.

I have a hard time doing 'a little less controlled'.

I also got the intermediate sized art for the next commission done and went in town last Thursday for an overnighter to get the enlargement and to help the twins finish getting their halloween costume so I hit the thrift shops and found some suitable (to me) stuff. They were supposed to go with me Thursday evening but it didn't work out.

The installation for the last etched glass job we did was on Friday morning. I forgot the tripod so my pics were all hand held and everybody was standing around watching me. I wanted to sneak a picture of the glass fronted cabinet with all her purses in it but both of them were hanging around during the whole installation so I couldn't do it.

Next week should be fairly busy.

PS. thank you everyone who commented on my last post. I do have confidence in the quality of our work. What I don't have is the thick skin or the detachment or the determination to find another gallery that does these shows...yet. It may happen.


  1. that finished piece looks great! and i like your little squares for the suncatcher project. :)

  2. That's quite a bathroom. Balconies and everything? Your "window" does it justice.

  3. Your work is beautiful!!!

    To make a yarn wig I attach mine to a panty hose butt or leg depending on the size of the great.

  4. Is that over the bathtub?...must feel luxurious bathing with that to look at.

  5. Love the suncatchers! And that last photo is great, with all the reflected images!

  6. Easier to completely let go of control than to let go a little, for sure.

    I love the glass squares.

    Your grandson will be fine. Not to worry!

  7. interesting room where you put the panels

  8. I love that installation - just gorgeous!


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