Thursday, October 17, 2013

it's far from over

I've refrained from ranting on my blog about the ridiculous antics in the House of Representatives the last several weeks though I have been very vocal about my opinion on FB.

I'm glad the stalemate has come to an end but unfortunately not without damage to the country in general, and I totally expect the Tea Party members to repeat their performance in 4 months.

I'm also glad the President and the Democrats stood firm in refusing to negotiate with them. If they had, it would have been a terrible precedent and would have been the end of democracy in this country.

Because the way democracy works is that you have elections to appoint the people to make the laws and run the country and if one person or party loses the election, they do what they can to garner support and prepare for the next election.

What they don't do is act like a petulant child and try to force their agenda on the people who rejected that agenda at the ballot box. The Republican Party, led by the nose by the Tea Party Republicans did exactly that. They weren't winning so they tossed the game so that no one could play.

Having tried over 40 times to undo the ACA and having failed every time, they did what all dictators do that have a little power, they tried to force their agenda on everyone else. And not satisfied with just demanding the end to the ACA before they would pass a funding bill, they issued a list of over 20 other demands as well, including but not limited to:

Approving Keystone XL
Eliminating funding for Planned Parenthood
Medicare privatization
Allowing employers to eliminate insurance coverage for birth control
Preserving all the Bush tax cuts
Slashing funding for food stamps
Protecting mountaintop strip mining
Stripping the EPA of authority to regulate greenhouse gases
Loosening regulation on coal ash
Repealing a tax on medical devices
Eliminating Social Service Block Grants
Restricting the child tax credit

I think it's pretty clear who pulls their puppet strings.

When the President refused to give in to their demands, they accused him of refusing to negotiate and compromise when, in fact, the Republican Party had ignored over two dozen calls by the President to come to the table and talk in the weeks leading up to the shutdown.

The fact is, the Tea Party led Republican Party has no intention of compromising, something they consider to be selling out, something only 'losers' do. They do not want compromise. What they want is complete capitulation from the other side and that is the only thing they will accept. They have had five years to compromise and instead all they have done is obstruct.

President Obama is not perfect. He has done things that I am not in favor of but never has he purposely thrown democracy under the bus and if anything, he has been too willing to concede to the opposition. In return, they have voted against and obstructed every attempt to help the American people. You need only look at the congressional record for the past five years to see what their priority has been...restricting women's rights, abolishing the ACA, and obstructing every single thing the President has tried to do, even to the point of voting against things they were previously for and helped write.

And don't even get me started on the unprecedented level of disrespect they have shown to not only a sitting President, but the Office itself. Hateful and vile are two of the more positive adjectives I can come up with.

It would be nice if the Tea Party was duly chastened by the result of their unAmerican and anti-democratic stunt but don't kid yourself. They are proud of what they did (they looked pretty pleased with themselves during the press conference right after they voted to shut down the government) and you can expect more of the same from them in 4 months. They are doing what their handlers and supporters elected them to do...destroy the American government. It's not like they have been secretive about their goal. Ted Cruz alone received ¾ of a million dollars to his campaign fund in the last three weeks for their act of sedition.

And the fact that polls show that 30% of Americans support them is scary indeed. There is no one more dangerous than the person or people who think themselves anointed by their idea of god to bring about god's will in this country.

Make no mistake about it, these people are theocratic dominionists. They seek to replace the secular government, and subsequently the U.S. Constitution, and create a political and judicial system based on their perverted view of Christianity, all bankrolled by the likes of the Koch brothers.

And, like the Terminator, they will. not. stop.


Those of us who believe in equality, in compassion, in compromise, in the separation of church and state, in the rights and the will of the American people over the will of the ultra-rich and mega-corporations who buy our politicians and who continue to try and subvert the democratic process for their own personal gain; we must engage in the political process, not turn our backs on it.

Because if we do, we're lost.


  1. Amen & amen! I've told my non-religious friends that they shouldn't poo-poo what they consider to be religious fanatics. Many of those people truly think they're doing God's will - you're not going to convince them of anything. You just need to out-vote them.

  2. We shall overcome, but never succeed. There will always be bigots, racists, "haters."
    Sometimes I amuse myself thinking what will happen when the Latinos are majority enough to turn the tables on the new minority. It will happen.
    Sending me back to my personal obligation to keep my little corner tidy.
    And, echoing my fellow Ohioan, outvote them.

  3. Amen. I'm so disgusted and flabbergasted by my country right now. Who are these crazy people hijacking my democracy? Thank you for writing words that make sense and yes, our only hope is to outvote ignorance.

  4. Bravo. I could not agree more.

    I am convinced the voters who support these right-wing extremists often lack a basic understanding of the issues. They've been fed easy-to-swallow sound bites and that's all they know. Meanwhile they vote against their own interests, time and time again.

  5. Alright, no ranting. You might be mistaken for one of "them." :) Personally, I give up. Hopefully, next year's election will help right the ship.

  6. Oh man, it is so exasperating to think about all of this. I agree whole-hardheartedly and hope politics swing in a better direction. The gerrymandering is so bad though, that I think we'll still see tea party types voted in for a long time.

  7. I'm so over it. I think many people here feel the same way.

    I'm walking down to the museums today. Such a relief.

  8. I have been following your links on FB but glad to see you writing about it here.

    America never ceases to amaze me. (sorry)

  9. Firstly, the Tea Party is actually just the Libertarian party in funny clothes. Since they were unsuccessful as Libertarians, they changed their name and hijacked the Republican party. And the "mainstream" Republicans are too weenie to stand up to this new wing. This is because they KNOW that the Republican party cannot win ANYTHING without them and the TP people are spiteful enough to simply not vote if they don't get what they want.

    That said, these Libertarians were apparently absent from class the day they discussed "representative government". While a senator or house representative might get elected by a small majority, after the election they represent the ENTIRE district or state. I feel sorry for Texas because there is a huge percentage of the populace that has no representation in the Senate from Mr. Cruz. Mr. Cruz and those House reps that fall in lockstep behind the TP are failing to represent their state and district fully and they should be ashamed of themselves.


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