Saturday, January 13, 2024

season 2, episode 1 of the Republican House majority clown show

The House was back in session last week and if you thought they would get down to the important business at hand and address the funding bills to keep the government functioning since the current stopgap measures both expire this month, you would be wrong even though the Speaker earlier announced a deal made with the Senate (which he has since indicated he may not support after all because that’s what they do, make deals and then go back on their word). No, the important business at hand apparently was an Oversight committee meeting last Wednesday to determine if Hunter Biden should be charged with contempt of Congress for refusing to honor their subpoena (which was unlawfully issued before the formal impeachment inquiry into President Biden) to answer their questions about his business dealings and whether or not President Biden illegally benefitted from them in their quest to find something, anything, with which they can impeach President Biden. The fact is that the House republicans cannot find evidence because none exists. All they have is Joe loaned Hunter money on several occasions and Hunter paid it back and Hunter took a phone call from his father during a business meeting. 

After Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) had previously said that witnesses could decide on a public or private hearing that evidently didn’t apply to Hunter as they have insisted on a closed door session. Hunter held a press conference that he would answer all their questions in a public hearing which republicans refuse to allow. What they want is to be able to misrepresent Hunter’s answers, twisting them to claim they have evidence like they have done with the closed door sessions of Hunter’s business associates. As Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) told republicans during the meeting Wednesday, “let me tell y'all why no one wants to talk to you behind closed doors because y’all lie”.

While the republicans' plan was to excoriate Hunter for refusing to honor their subpoena it all turned to chaos when Hunter and his attorney walked in to the public forum and sat down. Nancy Mace (R-SC) lost her shit calling him the epitome of white privilege asking him what he was afraid of for refusing a closed door session and telling him, in this congressional setting, that he had “no balls”, saying that he should be arrested right now and sent straight to jail. Then Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) proceeded to list the republicans who refused to comply with subpoenas from the J6 committee, asked that they be added to the contempt of Congress resolution to show that this hearing was not politically motivated which of course republicans refused to do. Then he went on to say that Hunter was here willing to answer questions right now so let’s take a vote, who wants to hear from Hunter, he asked, anyone, while the republicans sat there silent and stone faced.

When it was Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) turn to talk, Hunter and his lawyers got up and walked out and all the press followed them leaving Marge fuming claiming that Hunter was a criminal and a coward. But Hunter Biden has no reason to show her one ounce of respect after she showed nude pictures of him and his junk in a previous public committee meeting, which btw, is illegal. It is illegal to acquire nude photos of someone without their consent and it is illegal to show said images publicly without that person’s consent, both of which Marge has done. Where are the legal repercussions of that? And then she proceeded to show more lewd photos of Hunter albeit with his junk blacked out. It’s not pornography she claimed. What on earth does naked pictures of Hunter Biden have to do with finding him in contempt of Congress?

Of course at the end the republicans in the House Oversight committee and the House Judiciary committee that was also holding a meeting on Wednesday voted to recommend a contempt of Congress resolution against Hunter Biden for his failure to comply with a subpoena even though he offered many times to answer all their questions in a public hearing. Next it goes to the full House for a vote.

You would think that now that the committees have recommend Hunter be held in contempt that they would then turn their attention to the serious business of funding the government but once again you would be wrong. Instead they are starting the process to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas for ‘dereliction of duty’ over the southern border, an absurd charge, even though republicans have consistently voted ‘no’ on every revision of immigration policy that would increase funding and personal for border patrol and increase detention centers and asylum immigration courts. They don’t actually want any improvement on the southern border because then they wouldn’t be able to use it as a failure of President Biden and his policies, they wouldn’t be able to stoke up their base, they wouldn’t be able to grandstand at the border.

Not satisfied with two bogus impeachment investigations, President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas, House republicans announced an investigation into Cassidy Hutchison, former aide to Mark Meadows, Trump’s chief of staff, in retaliation for her testimony to the J6 committee and demanding that she turn over documents.

The current House Republicans are a disgrace and have made a mockery of the House of Representatives. They have held the least amount of votes and passed the least amount of bills in the history of the House. They rant about President Biden weaponizing the justice department to go after Trump and his allies when Biden has done nothing of the sort while they are using their majority in the House to retaliate against the democrats for impeaching Trump for very real crimes. As usual, every accusation from republicans is a confession. 

A few other tidbits brought to light this week…

Trump told a European Union official in January 2020 that the US would not come to the aid of Europe if it was attacked, that NATO was dead.

Marge is threatening Speaker Mike Johnson with a motion to ‘vacate the chair’ if he doesn’t comply with her demands.

While republicans are desperately trying to find evidence that President Biden illegally profited some amount of money via his son’s business, democrats released a report, with receipts, that Trump and his businesses personally profited nearly $8 million while president from the governments of China, Saudi Arabia, and others (not to mention all the money he siphoned off the National Treasury for his weekends at Mar A Lago and playing golf or Ivanka’s Chinese patents or Jared’s $2 billion from the Saudis). 

In an attempt to get the charges against Trump dropped for his actions and involvement in the J6 attempt to stop the peaceful transfer of power and stay in office even though he lost the election, his lawyer has claimed that Trump has absolute immunity for anything he did as president, that the only way a president can face charges for breaking laws after his term is over is if he is first impeached and convicted for the offense. One of the judges on the three judge panel asked the lawyer if he was saying that if a president ordered Seal Team 6 to murder his political opponents or detractors or if he sold our most sensitive national secrets to our enemies he would be immune from justice after he was out of office? Unless he was impeached and convicted for the crime by Congress first the lawyer responded. Let that sink in. 

Trump’s main advisor Roger Stone was caught on tape discussing assassinating two Democrat lawmakers with an NYPD officer weeks before the 2020 election.

Y’all know what to do. Trump cannot be reelected. Vote blue up and down.


  1. Excellent summation. I look at these people and wonder if they actually believe the words coming out of their mouths.

  2. I saw where Fox (maybe?) was interviewing Trump & asked him about the $8 million & he said well, it was probably more. He had done a lot for those folks so he deserved compensation. Or some such - I might be butchering the whole thing.

    Also, the part of small government is living up to its name in every possible way.

  3. I'm pretty sure that ten-year olds could do a better job than the Republicans in the house are doing. And in response to Allison- it's not whether or not they believe the words coming out of their mouths- it's the fact that so many of the right do.

  4. Speaking of 10 year olds, I wonder what the various young people think of all this "non-governance." They are certainly learning a different form of politics than I did...if they see the GOP example. I'm going to quote you anonymously on facebook, just a few paragraphs. Thanks for saying succinctly what's happening. Yes, I'm pushing for a Blue with enough coverage by the press that equal time will be focused on the improvements Biden has achieved.

  5. I'm sick of the whole mess. Get out the vote and vote blue.

  6. Who votes for these people? Who are the seventy-two million who voted for Trump? It defies belief.

  7. I'm voting blue (of course) but I have a bad feeling about all this.

  8. You're preaching to the choir here, Ellen. I will vote blue and I hope that fixes this mess.

    1. I know. but hopefully I can enlighten at least one unknown reader.

  9. I sincerely hope you can sway someone to at least consider who to vote for. It won't be a die-hard republican, they have all been brainwashed!


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