Wednesday, January 31, 2024

out of pocket

Here it is the last day of January and the birds think it’s spring. Saw a wren check out a  bird house and I’ve heard a cardinal and mockingbird singing their little hearts out.

My dwarf redbud tree in a pot is putting on buds. I noticed the first 10 petal anemone bloom a couple of weeks ago and today they are in full bloom.

Last Monday the power blinked off and on a few times so I had to restart the Mac mini which I had not done since getting it up and running, just putting it to sleep. When Greg was helping me set it up he recommended having a password to get access which I created and wrote down. Fast forward to Monday when I restarted it and it refuses to accept that password. Greg was helping me figure out what to do but we ran out of time and so I’ve been offline since and our next opportunity when both our schedules allow isn’t until Friday morning. (I’m doing this on my phone.) I have no idea when this will be resolved but I figured being offline for a while won’t hurt me. Anyway I still have my mobile device so I won’t be totally MIA.

The rain gauge comparison was a wash since it would only be accurate if both our tubes were exactly the same size which they are not. A bigger tube (mine) would hold more water at the 2” mark than a smaller diameter tube (his) would at the 2” mark.


  1. OK, you're excused, but we expect a full report when MacMini returns.

  2. doing anything on my phone or my mini ipad takes fucking forever, with loads of mistakes. Well done , YOU!!

  3. Enjoy a bit of a break - but come back soon.

  4. Too bad about the Mac trouble. It's so frustrating when things won't work the way you want them to.
    It's warming up a bit here too - we may hit 50°F today! The snow piles will melt now for sure.

  5. Dealing with passwords is the worst.
    I noticed that the redbud and Japanese Magnolias in Tallahassee are really starting to bloom. And as far as I can recall- this is not unusual for this time of year.

  6. Can't you just create a new password?
    Marcia in Colorado

  7. Ugh! Passwords! The bane of our modern existence!

  8. Well that is just so frustrating! Hopefully you can get it sorted out.


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