Sunday, November 26, 2023

tech is a pain in the butt and cats

Trying to do everything on my phone is a pain in the butt. I managed to figure out how to comment on Steve’s blog as me but can only comment as anonymous on other’s if it lets me comment at all. Says I need to sign in with my google account but I already am as far as I can tell. When I click on the link it tells me no can do.

My grandgirl Robin moved into Pam’s house yesterday so now the boys have a human in residence instead of all those people in and out the last two weeks. They know Robin as she always house sat for Pam when she traveled but now they have a new resident as Robin brought her cat Noodle since she will be there for nearly a year. There’s been a little hissing but they’ll work it out.

Speaking of cats, a homeless mom cat with 3 kittens moved under Pam’s shed some months ago. She worked with the animal rescue group SPOT to catch Momcat and get her fixed and released back at Pam’s. She had been feeding them all and so I have continued. Now I’m working with SPOT to get the kittens trapped and fixed and rehomed. SPOT says they can be fixed at 3 months and we believe they are that old. They have a program called Barn Buddies for people who want barn cats to keep the vermin down.

I haven’t figured out how to reduce the size of the images before I post them here so I hope it’s not the 3MB the info says it is.


  1. That's a good number of cats. Is there a collective noun for kittens? Clouder? Cluster? Gang?
    Your blog is currently the only one I can comment automatically with my blog/google ID on my laptop. This, since you have started to post via phone. So go figure.

  2. I am mystified about the commenting thing. Maybe someone will have some hints. At any rate, I'm glad it now works on my blog!

    Good luck with the kittens. I've heard about those cat spay-and-release programs. It's a good way to reduce the population while letting the cats live their lives, though I imagine it's not great for birds.

  3. Up in the address bar at the very top of the screen, do you see an icon that looks like a shield? Click on it and it takes you to a box that says, "Enhanced tracking protection" and that should be off. Once it is off, you should be able to get to comment using your Google account. Sometimes I have to click it off and on two times, but then I can always comment. Hope that helps!

  4. I always write my blog on my phone, comment on others, too, no problems. Maybe this is iPhone not playing nicely with Google? My phone and tablet are both Android, and maybe that's part of the no problems.
    Those are great kittens, especially the very stripy one. I hope they get good homes.

  5. Those kitties are adorable. I do miss Dixie Rose, and wouldn't mind having another cat, but the cost of vet care (especially in emergencies) and my own age keep me from it. I'd hate to outlive a pet!

  6. The little bobcat isn't a manx, it? I had a manx who looked like that and he was one of the most remarkable cats I have ever had. His name was Bob. Of course.
    I misread your the first sentence in the third paragraph as, "A homeless MAN with three kittens moved under Pam's shed..."
    What?! Hang on! Better read that again! For a second, I truly wondered how a man could make a home under a shed.

  7. Oy, doing stuff on the phone is so hard. Good job with the cats - it's good that you are there.

  8. I can't imagine posting from my phone! I hope you have those kittens corralled and neutered soon. Female cats begin having kittens again around six months. Not good for them, though they are good mothers because that's what they do.

  9. The catch and spay is an excellent idea. As for posting from a phone, my fat fingers make it hard to plunk in what I really want to say.

  10. That's the same error I get when I try to comment using my iPad. Very annoying. The kitties are cute - hopefully they find good homes!

    1. For what it's worth, if kittens don't receive ongoing human affection before six weeks of age, they'll be feral for life.

  11. So much trouble with all of us commenting. I am glad I am back on track. Good for you to take care of those little animals.

  12. Your photo actually came out a bit on the small side, which didn't matter, because it was enlargeable.

    Good for you in neutering and spaying. My blog friend, Jody, has devoted her life to doing just that:


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