Wednesday, August 10, 2022

exploding heads and further progress

The Republicans are losing their fucking minds. Well, the far right wackos are, you know the usual suspects. They were on twitter non-stop for three days leading up to the vote and after, telling lies and trying to spread opposition and discontent about the Inflation Reduction Act to derail Biden, not only individual senators and representatives but the GOP Senate and House and GOP and RNC accounts as well, tweeting over and over all day long. It's astounding how they flooded twitter with their lies about this bill while failing to mention that they voted down the $35 cap on insulin for people on private insurance ie not Medicare or Medicaid. They are almost apoplectic that Biden and Schumer persevered, got Manchin and Sinema on board, and passed it in the Senate through reconciliation with only 50 votes and the VP tie breaker (the same way the Republicans passed their very unpopular permanent tax cuts for the wealthy, rich corporations, and their donors), incensed that they couldn't stop Biden's administration from doing something good for the average American, the country, and the planet.

And if that wasn't enough to give them all aneurisms, the FBI enforced a search warrant on Mar A Lago Monday related to the boxes of secret and classified documents Trump illegally removed from the White House when he left. The DOJ must have compelling evidence to get a federal judge to issue the warrant. Far right wacko republican outrage over the IRA forgotten, now they're getting hysterical. If they can do this to Trump, they can do it to anybody!!! Well, yes, it's called law and order and no one including Trump and his cronies are above the law.

Their tweets Tuesday were full of threats of political retaliation should they get control of Congress again while accusing the DOJ and FBI of political retaliation, calling the warrant a third world junta, calling to either defund or eliminate the FBI and DOJ altogether. An unprecedented attack on a former president in our nation's history they cry, should not be allowed to happen! You know what else is unprecedented in American history? A president who sucked up to tyrants and fascists, who refused to acknowledge he lost the election, tried to pressure election officials to throw out the opposition's votes or find new ones for him and when that didn't work, attempted a coup to get himself instated, and when he was finally forced to leave the White House, took secret and classified documents with him.

Maybe there will be some justice after all.


Tuesday was grocery shop day and also my night to cook so I took a little break from sweating in the hot shop even though all I could think about through the night when I would wake up was finishing grinding the excess glass off the corals.

My Monday progress...I worked on the inlay until I realized I had removed enough of the white that I was losing my white behind the purple and green. 

Hmmm. Too much color, not enough white. Still had about 1/16” to go to get it down to the wax model thickness so I've put that aside for now. 

Then I worked on cutting and grinding off the disks on the four feet using the ring saw and the upright diamond wheel grinder (both use power!). 

And then I did one of the corals. Here it is in its place on the top.

Today it's back to sweating in the shop.



  1. You're right- the right-winger wackos are losing their tiny minds. What in the world is in it for these people to support this so obviously insane and evil man? He is not a god. He's a business man. And a terrible one at that.
    I need to go do grocery shopping today, I guess. Ugh.

  2. I am so glad that these bills are finally getting passed. It is good to make progress while the Republicans are doing nothing but complain, make threats, and block popular programs.
    That coral looks lovely all polished up! Can't wait to see the finished product. Great work, Ellen!

  3. Just the thought of grinding glass.. tell me when it's done! It will be exquisite.

  4. Good job, and I'm thrilled to meet someone with a balanced view of politics who lives and votes in Texas! May your vote count in the next election! Mine also is in a gerrymandered district that is colored red, unfortunately.

  5. They will continue to defend Trump and threaten Democrats even if turns out that Trump stole boxes filled with classified information.

    1. I'm under no illusions on that. In for a penny, in for a pound. His 12 disciples from the House met with him last night. They're still under the delusion that they'll end up on top.

  6. Twitter does not this house. We rarely watch or listen to news anymore- broke that habit , we vote, we protest, we boycott, we zero our footprint- that is the best we can do.Erik's generation is more proactive a-taking on solutions on their own.

  7. That box is going to be amazing! And I have a friend who's best friend for years is lost to Trump-mania. She said her friend was blowing up her phone with rage-texts. There are so many people trapped in his cult. I almost feel sorry for the anti-Trump Republicans.

  8. The box will be stunning! As for Trump, his house of cards cannot land on him too soon.

  9. The world is going crazy every minute of everyday now. Beautiful art is one of the calming balances to the times we are living in.

  10. Yeah I'm tired of the tantrums from the Big Baby party, the New Confederacy. Walk the walk or STFU. E pluribus unum.

  11. Yet millions of people will still vote for him and for those upon whom he bestows his benediction. Has the country gone mad?

  12. That Mar-a-Lago raid is positively delicious.

  13. As of recently, it has been revealed that some of those documents were about nuclear stuff. As we all recall, in 2019, the dumpster fire wanted to give Saudi Arabia access to US nuclear technology. Wonder why they gave Kushner $2B?

  14. Best of all was a good Florida man story (for a change). He paid $1800 for a banner plane that said haha haha to fly over Mar-a-Lago. That box is going to be beautiful!


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