Saturday, October 30, 2021

done with the artwork, now yard work

Well, the fourth temporary crown broke apart during dinner Thursday night. I was trying to avoid chewing on that side but in a moment of distraction...and it broke into pieces. I probably swallowed the smaller bits but managed to spit out the big piece. And of course the dentist's office is closed on Fridays so it's a good thing it isn't bothering me. But I'm wondering, since the temporary crown is so problematic if the permanent crown is going to stay on.

I took out the blue wax rope pieces from the last progress picture and replaced them with the smallest size I had which is two sizes smaller. I guess I was thinking bigger would be more likely to fill but then I changed my mind. I think the smaller will be more likely since there's less depth to have to go into. Anyway, I like it visually better with the smaller size.

The weather is just gorgeous, clear blue sky, low humidity, cool temps. I should be out working in the yard but I want to finish this model.

Which I did

and then I raked leaves filling a twin size sheet three times and hauling them to the back edge of the property and dumping them there and then I raked a big pile into the low spot between the magnolia and the maple which I do every year hoping they'll mulch down and raise the level but eventually Marc drives the mower through there and grinds them up. I also picked up sticks at the back and threw them into the wild space. The truck is overflowing with branches big and small from the last couple of storms and this front came in with high wind for three days and a whole lot more dropped. I guess I'll empty the truck tomorrow onto the burn pile which is already pretty big.

A cardinal just flew at the window and hovered to give me the stink eye. The bird feeder was empty so I filled that. I haven't seen the little wren in the garage since the cold front came in three days ago. It's been in there more often than not when I close the garage door for the night and I think what it's been doing is clearing the garage of daddy long legs since I finally noticed they were all gone. Or maybe it's just the time of year, at any rate, no spiders.

Some pictures from the yard...

This Chinese fringe flower tree in full bloom,

and the yellow trumpet flower,

and the yellow bells (tecoma stans, esperanza).



  1. Cooler Texas weather is always the best for flowers. Your butterfly is lovely. The composition is what captures me.

  2. That is going to be a lovely art piece!
    Your flowers are really looking fabulous! Nothing blooming in my yard - just waiting for the leaves to fall!
    We have a good day here for the trick-or-treaters so I am thinking we may get a good crowd!

  3. So beautiful, Ellen. All of it.

  4. Your art and flowers are so beautiful. What a treat for my eyes this morning. Thank you for that.
    Bummer about that temporary crown. I hope the dentist can fix that on Monday. Take care there.

  5. Love how the art piece is coming along. And seeing the trumpet flowers in your garden reminds me of how completely you captured their delicacy and beauty in your last piece. You have such a fine hand.

  6. The model looks great! As do the flowers! I love those yellow bells. Good luck with the tooth.

  7. I think I like the smaller rope pieces too (for what it's worth - ha!). In any case, this is going to look amazing!

    I love your flowers and I hate your tooth. Now that the weather's colder I'm going to try to cut down our wildflower stems. We left them up because of the bee's nest in one of our tiki torches, but also because they look very Halloweeny - ha!

  8. I love stopping by here to see your art work and your beautiful flowers. Where I live is a gardening paradise, too, but with completely different plants. Yours are more like what I grew up with in California with my father's nearly year-round gardens.

  9. Those yellow buttercup blooms would love beautiful in glass. Very reminiscent of your Trumpet piece. So sorry about your tooth... I don't have as many crowns as you, but that's probably because I have permanent bridges installed where teeth are missing. I'm glad you have a half-way capable dentist. I'm still searching for one here.

  10. would look beautiful in glass... grrr cannot type for dink today!

  11. I've noticed the Esperanza suddenly bursting out all over. It's so pretty and cheerful. I like you smaller 'rope,' too. That piece is going to be gorgeous. It's really taking shape now.

    I stopped by San Bernard yesterday and it looked like late November. Those winds took out every leaf and branch that wasn't firmly attached, and there were a lot that came down. I did notice some possumhaw and yaupon berries beginning to turn color. I guess it is time, since tomorrow's November.

  12. The temporary crowns are made to come off easily, the permanent should stick in there! Love the art work!

  13. Oh, so lovely. And my temporary crowns always come out.


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