Thursday, July 2, 2020

house moving

Here it comes!

At the property where they unloaded the robot that they used to move and maneuver the house.

Pulled it forward and then started backing it up turning into the driveway.

Cedar tree needs more trimming. The guys who came before used a chainsaw, this guy is using a machete.

They placed a heavy board down to bridge the ditch.

More tree trimming and the beginning of the 50+ point turn (probably not that many but lots of small back and forth adjustments).

They've almost got it lined up. 

It's a good thing that the neighbor has a culvert in the ditch almost directly across from the property entrance. More tree trimming only on the neighbor's live oak this time.

Almost! They pulled it up for another adjustment.

Success! They made it past the gate. After that it went pretty quick.

Once they got it all the way in they turned it into the side yard and then it was a straight shot to the pad.

They rolled out thick black plastic (which they eventually spread out and covered the entire pad and then set the blocks on top)

and then used boards under the wheels, as soon as the wheels cleared one board, they grabbed it and put it in front of the next board as the house moved into place.

The house is in place (from the back).

These are the anchors that the house will be tied down to.

These guys carried four cinder blocks at a time on their backs!

Anchors in and straps attached.

Once they had the house supported by the cinder block they took the wheels off and then unbolted the axles from the undercarriage of the house.



  1. Wow! What a day!
    And four cement blocks at one time? My back hurts just thinking about it.
    Can't wait to see the inside.

  2. This is exciting. Wouldn't have wanted to do that maneuvering through the gate. Now I can't wait for a house tour!

  3. And then there was a house. What a maneuver! How exciting, it looks huuuuge! You tease, I want to go inside now.

  4. Fantastic. Waiting for the house tour with bated breath!

  5. Holy Cow!!! What a move. That guy with the cinder blocks on his back made me cringe. I can't wait until you take pictures inside. I wonder . . . are y'all going to put up a front porch? Like a deck? That would be nice for sitting outside on cool fall and spring days and nights.

  6. I'm sure you're glad to finally have it there! That looks like really hot work.

  7. Holy moly that's a lot of work!!! Looks great!

  8. Wow! Those guys know what they are doing. A job well done! I enjoyed seeing exactly how they did it and look forward to seeing inside.

  9. I had no idea what this process would look like, but it's fascinating. Those guys may have had strong backs, but they certainly don't have the proverbial weak minds to go with them. That's a lot of thinking and calculating to go along with the labor. It's such a pleasure to watch anyone who really knows what they're doing.

  10. Congratulations. Boy what a job to move it in. Will it be big enough?

  11. and just like that *SNAP* instant home!

  12. Yikes, glad it wasn't me maneuvering that house into the right spot while a lady was photographing me the whole time! Haha! Crash.

  13. This is so cool! I've always wondered how this was accomplished. Thanks for the pictures.


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