Wednesday, November 2, 2016

in support of Hillary Clinton

Last Monday week early voting started in Texas. It was the first thing I did that day after coffee and breakfast. I voted FOR Hillary Clinton. I was probably the only one in the room at the time that did but I could be mistaken. I think there were about 20 people ahead of me, another half dozen in the room waiting and 4 booths. The line was a little longer when I left.

The conventional wisdom out there is that this election features the two most corrupt people possible but that is not true. One is accused of being a crook and a murderer by the other who is actually a crook with a thick trail of lawsuits and penalties trailing behind him and two very serious court cases, one for rape and one for fraud, coming up in the next two months and while he may not be a murderer, he uses the courts to ruin anyone who opposes him.  Most recently his ties, political and financial, to Russia have come to light. 

Hilary Clinton may not have the charisma that some would like, she isn't a perfect human being and that is no more and no less than any other human being but she has devoted her life to public service helping women and the underprivileged and has faced such monstrous opposition that I have to believe that she is in fact devoted to public service because why else would anyone put up with the sexism and misogyny and investigations and examinations and accusations and the absurdity of spending millions of dollars to bring her down for 30 years. For money? For power? Well, she has achieved both money and power in her lifetime but that wouldn't even be an issue if she were a man. They have hounded her for 30 years and have not ever once had evidence for a single indictment. She hasn't even been elected yet and already the Republicans are threatening to stonewall her the way they did President Obama and promising years of investigations against her. They have been afraid of this woman for 30 years. That right there is reason enough to vote for her but, of course, I do have other reasons. Will she support things I do not? I'm sure she will. So does Obama and I have nothing but admiration and respect for him.

During this election cycle, every item that has come to light about Trump has been projected onto Hillary. When the proof of Trump's crudity and sexually predatory behavior came to light, they gleefully attacked her for her husband's infidelities as if it was he and not she who was running for president. Now, their newest outrage is, of course, the new emails and, having been cheated once again when the FBI investigation closed without pressing charges and cleared her of wrongdoing, though Comey couldn't resist chastising her in the press conference by offering his irrelevant opinion of her behavior, they are desperate for this to be real except these emails, the ones the FBI director felt it so important to apprise congress of right now right before the election, have nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. They are not from her, they are not to her, they are not on her server, and they are not on a device she used but that didn't stop them from trying to link them to her and, of course, the media is playing it up.

Hillary Clinton is probably the most qualified candidate for the presidency than any candidate ever in the history of this country. As a woman, to be taken with any seriousness, this is a must. All women know this. We have to be better at something to be equal. She will not do all the things I would like, no candidate would, but she will do a good job.

Two well written essays on the demonization of Hillary:


  1. I've been thinking about the fact that if Hillary wins (please, dear god) that due to the double-crossing and sick antics of so many men, she won't be able to truly show what a woman can do in government which is so damn unfair. She's had to work ten times as hard as any man has to achieve her position and gets vilified and tainted by the villains and tainters. Good piece here, Ellen. I agree with every word.

  2. ...the US ranks 33rd out of the 49 high income wage earning countries in the world for having women leaders. Rwanda has the highest concentration of seats being held by women. Like you I will vote for Hillary, and UNLESS the GOP can be removed from Congress and Senate she will get no where, sad is it not? I voted for Bernie in the Primaries, and thought he could depolarize this Nation because I knew Hillary's baggage would interfere in her ability to create any change.

  3. From your lips to God's ear. I have waited for this for decades. She is a true patriot to me and I think will be the best president in history. Let's all pray that Trump doesn't succeed in what will be the downfall of our nation. I am so disgusted to know that half of our nation would vote for a man like Trump. It is a sad commentary. Fox news kind of people. Nothing good about him. What has our nation become?

  4. Thank you for this. I cosign every single word. I too will be voting FOR Hillary. She's a powerhouse. I have come to admire her greatly.

  5. The two biggest complaints about HRC seem to be that she didn't use the State Department's e-mail system and that she "deleted" 30,000 old e-mails.
    1. People use multiple e-mail addresses ALL THE TIME!!! How many e-mail addresses do you have? I have accumulated about ten over the years - all on different servers (cable company, aol, hotmail, gmail, me, att, company, etc...). Some I use regularly, some I never use and some have been closed as my life have changed. BIG EFFING DEAL!! Security? My recollection is that the federal servers are just as susceptible to hacking as any others - so it cannot be that. Just think how outraged EVERYONE would be if we were still all using snail mail. It is a FELONY to open, read or publish private letters. How is e-mail any different?
    2. E-mail systems AUTOMATICALLY delete old mail over time to make space available for new ones. "Automatically" as in "not done by any individual". And that is true for everyone that uses e-mail. In fact, it is considered safe practice by IT professionals. HRC did not "delete 30,000 emails". The e-mail system did - which all e-mail systems are wont to do. That's how they work. Electronic mail goes away after time... automatically. If you don't believe me, check the settings on your own e-mail accounts.

  6. Here in Oregon we have mail-in voting. I've already sent mine in, and yes I voted for Hillary. She may not be perfect but she won't humiliate us on the world stage. Unfortunately, we're such a polarized society that I fear neither one of these candidates will have a successful presidency.

  7. As you know, I am Hillary all the way, and I already voted for her and truly hope she wins. But looking ahead to the next four years of Republican stonewalling and bogus investigations and scandals just makes my head spin.

  8. I agree with Steve Reed in that this battle is no where near over. We have 4 years of hell to get anything done.

  9. Here's what I know: in 8 years, Barack Obama has not had a single scandal, whereas scandal follows the Clintons around like a stray dog. People say, well, that's the Republicans making stuff up, but if they could have, they would have done the same to Obama, and the best they could come up with was the stupid Muslim and birther stuff. FAIL. So, where there's that much smoke, for that many years around the Clintons, you can bet you bippy there's fire. it ain't just a question of misunderstood...

    As for Trump, he is a buffoon and florid Narcissist, not to mention misogynist and a few other choice things.

    I voted for Jill Stein absentee, and while i felt good about it at the time, I feel better about it with each passing day. If she can get just 5% of the vote, then Federal funding comes to the Greens in the next cycle. That's what those who harrumph that third party is a wasted vote don't think of. The two party system we have must change or fall, and it starts incrementally and by refusing to vote for either of these two.

    1. thanks for your comment Fireblossom. I've been there, voted third party. fortunately for me my second choice won. I probably won't do it again unless we actually ever get a third party but our political system wasn't set up that way. the problem with a third party now is that the only office they ever want to run for is president. where are the third party mayors, council members, school board members, and on up the political ladder? personally, I don't think Jill Stein is qualified. she has never held a political office in her life and I think she would be overwhelmed and ineffective. Republicans would eat her up. Hillary isn't a perfect person but no one is and she is the most honest politician out there. but she is a politician and has devoted her life to helping women and the underprivileged. as for the smoke that follows her around maybe it's because her enemies keep rubbing two sticks together hoping to start a fire. bottom line...Obama, a man who has worked with her intimately, trusts and supports her.

  10. Amen & amen! We voted for Bernie in the primary, but for Hillary the other week when Ohio's early voting opened.

  11. I just voted. I'm so happy to be able to read all the blogs and articles that you have put up on FB. And in all of them I agree wholeheartedly with you. Thanks for all you hard work, Ellen. Here's to Hillary, our next President of the United States of America!!!

  12. Well said. I am voting for Hillary. There will never be a candidate that agrees with any individual on every issue. I do know that the thought of Trump representing my country makes me sick. That man is a horrible human being and he scares the hell out of me.


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