Saturday, November 12, 2016

making stuff

I thought about deleting my last post coming so soon on the heels of the previous one but I am still deeply ashamed of those of my fellow citizens that voted for Trump, actually more like 25% of the population since about half of us didn't vote which makes the ones that didn't vote, not culpable exactly, but untrustworthy when push comes to shove. I won't be expecting any of them to come to my aid if need be.

But, until he actually takes office and we see what his picks are for his government so far the names floating around are a continuation of this nightmare...Sarah Palin?, I'll focus on the work at hand.

So here's the post I had prepared before the shit hit the fan:

Since I finished the A&M panels, I've been working on things for the upcoming open houses the first two weekends of December. While I was cleaning out and straightening up the garage in an effort to give myself table space to work...garage is sort of a misnomer as we don't put any cars in it. It's basically a workroom for messy stuff like the cold work I do on the glass or outdoor oriented stuff and it's where the bottles were collecting that we had a grand vision of building a bottle wall or arch or something with but I have decided that we are probably never going to actually do that and so I have sorted all the bottles by color ready to take for recycling...

But I digress.

While doing all that I came across a half dozen or so or very very old molds, 10 years at least, maybe older, probably older, that just never got pitched out. What the hell. I cut chunks of solid color glass in some (the hearts) and did pate de verre in others (the faces) and we cast them.

Then I worked on a few quick waxes, a bird skull and a feather and a platform all to go with some broken egg shell pieces I already have and I found two very very old waxes, very early stuff, at least 15 years old, just sitting in a box, waiting. What the hell. We are going to cast them too.

I wanted one more really nice but simple small sculpture, a bee piece so I started on one. Simple, right? One bee, one flower. Hahahahahahaha. I crack myself up sometimes. After spending the better part of a Tuesday working on a wax the whole time thinking this is going to be impossible to fill this mold, the next day I dismantled it throwing away everything but the flower. I spent the next three days on it.

I'm done with wax work for now and am waiting for the finished molds. Hopefully, by the time these pieces are ready for cold work, I'll be done with all the other stuff.


  1. And still- the work of life and art continues.
    I love your bee.

  2. I have a maudlin little poem hanging on my wall. Inside highly stylized flowers, by A.W.Meek: "Something to do is a wonderful thing. Keep up your stride. Stay in the ring. Labor is blessing. A bright one and true. Be thankful, be happy, for something to do."
    Work has always been my innate reaction to trouble. It's a little soothing, and helps the mind think through plans.

  3. Only person worse than Trump is Palin.

  4. It's difficult not to feel ashamed, disappointed and confused on behalf of those we know aren't bastards but who still voted for Trump. I keep on wondering why... and not getting any decent answer. I hope they will be able to provide one some day. I hope their answer will be, "I'm sorry. I was wrong." And that when they say it, we are still in time to do something about it...

    Until then, we must work... as we always have...

  5. Trump is scary for sure. However, today I read about his vice president Pence, and to me he appears to be even more scary.

    Cold As Heaven

    1. oh yeah, Pence is just as dangerous as Trump, maybe even more so because he will be easily manipulated by our republican congress. Trump is a vindictive wild card. he has a list and the republicans that didn't support him are on it. They will happily and speedily impeach him as they would much rather have Pence. Hopefully this travesty will only last for two years and we can get more dems elected in congress at the mid-term elections.


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