Wednesday, December 31, 2014

year end

Here it is, the last day of the year. I have found myself with a near total lack of interest in writing for my blog this past week and haven't even been online much.

The three grandgirls (the grandboy has to work) arrived last night and are here til Sunday. We have secured fireworks and food and started on a new jigsaw puzzle. Their parents and the grandboy will be here later for our fireworks fun.

Autumn came and spent last weekend with us as well and Saturday was Marc's birthday so instead of working at the antique store or in the shop, we went to the movies and out for lunch. We saw The Battle Of The Five Armies and were a little confused at first until we realized we had not seen the second installment of the Hobbit trilogy. Oh well. We have both read the book so we knew they story.

Sunday we took Autumn home where Jade had made a cake for her Grandpa.

Monday, I worked in the shop all day filling the second bowl mold. I'm already behind. The oleander bowl didn't come out that great, well, it cast just fine but the colors didn't work which I'm at a loss to explain since I followed my notes on a previous one that came out great. So now, if I have time, I'm going to try it again but it will really be the VERY LAST ONE! As it is, I still have to get another wax bowl prepped and I'm supposed to send images of what I have to the gallery next week. Ha. Like that's going to happen.

It's really cold this week, unseasonably so, and overcast. Not helping my mood.

Well, writing this has been like pulling teeth so I will just give in.

Happy New Year y'all.


  1. oh, that cake looks great! happy birthday to him! and happy new year to you both. :)

  2. Happy New Year, darling woman. Let's share the next one too, shall we?

  3. Sounds like you have all the makings of a great New Years Eve. I hope you all have a wonderful time. xoxo Linda

  4. Another it goes. I hope to eat cake often!

  5. It's the unenthusiastic cold that's put the damper on.
    Happy new year.

  6. Oh that puzzle looks like a nice one and the cake looks yummy. Happy Birthday to Marc and Happy New Year to you, Ellen.

  7. I wondered about the Hobbit movie, now I am not sure if I saw them all. That cake has a lot of love put into it, plus looks real yummy. It was 2 yesterday while I went out and played. When I saw someone, my words froze and are still out there.

  8. Happy New Year! Sometimes the blogging just doesn't come all that naturally, does it?

  9. Impressive cake.

  10. We all have our dry spells, whatever it is we do. Blogging is a little nutty - we're creating our own deadlines and then worry when we're not meeting them.
    The cake is truly an original. I think you might be on to something: continuing the decorating right on to the plate.

  11. Love the cake! And I'm jealous about the puzzle. We dropped in to see an aunt over Christmas & helped her finish one. I just don't have room in the house for a puzzle right now :(

  12. Thanks for no minding the pulling of teeth for us, or doing it even if you mind. Can I please have some cake?

    Happy New Year!


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