Sunday, December 14, 2014

a promise made

We've been having some nice weather this past week. Daytime temps in the mid 60s to low 70s. This is more normal for us than the cold we were having a couple of weeks ago. It has not been unusual to be in the low 70s on christmas. Winter follows soon after though. That whole wheel in the sky thing. Winter usually follows on the heels of the solstice even though the days will start to get longer.

Besides some of the roses

which put on their late fall burst, and a yellow butterfly ginger bud which has been growing glacially to the point I was convinced we were going to have a freeze before it ever decided to bloom,

I didn't see the little moth dining on the nectar until I downloaded the images

not much else is happening in the yard beyond the lingering fall bloomers whose remaining flowers are getting smaller and fewer. It's the resting time of year after all but while many things are bedding down for the winter, some things are waking up.

Like the little red lilies that blanketed the yard of the old city house and bloom in late winter/early spring that are springing up out here in the places where I have been trying to get them established...

and the baby blue eyes, which also bloom early spring, are also sprouting in a couple of areas so I'm happy about that.

And the poppies...

and larkspur that is coming up again along the driveway having migrated out of the bed they started in...

and judging by the number of bluebonnets sprouting up in the front and back, it's going to be a good year for them next year.

These will see me through, watching their progress, waiting for the first blooms of spring.


  1. we have enjoyed a mild december thus far!

  2. Yes. Promise.
    Our freezes have discouraged such growth and we are mostly brown here. I can't wait for the camellias to begin to open.

  3. It's nice to have so much green around.
    Your weather recalls my cousins, hoping for a Blue Norther for Christmas.

  4. Thank you for the blooms. It's cold today, and I'm not feeling too hot... Your flowers put a smile on my face.

  5. Mild December here as well, but still brown.

  6. Does not look like winter at all where you are! But so lovely.

  7. The ginger is beautiful, especially with that moth. (I wonder what kind of moth it is?) I'm impressed that you can differentiate plants when they're as small as those poppies and bluebells. To me they all just look like sprouts. Things have to get bigger before I can really tell what's going on!

  8. I can't believe you have flowers like that n December. Wow. And other stuff coming up as though it were spring. You have a fantastic yard.

  9. Love the flowers! And ooh the bluebonnet leaves are interesting! I've of course never paid the least attention to them before.

  10. I think the rain here has beaten down anything that even might have been thinking trying to make an appearance. It usually just drizzles here--for months--but this year, we're getting rain reminiscent of the South.


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