Friday, December 5, 2014

around the yard and the Friday selfie

I've been wandering around in the yard this morning and the past few days looking for things to take photos of. It's pretty dismal out there and picking up the handful (or shirtfull) of pecans as I wander around the yard hinders that somewhat. Why, oh why, do I keep declaring the end of the pecan harvest? The trees are mostly bare of leaves now and looking up there still seems to be so many. Some are just empty pods but I daresay most have pecans in them. I do believe that this year's quantity has surpassed two years ago when everyone was marveling about the bountiful harvest and the quality is damn near as good.

This is what I bought with some of my pecan money, a new wind chime/yard ornament.

We went in to the city yesterday to set up our display for the open house this weekend. We'll be heading back in the late afternoon for this evening's preview and we'll stay overnight for Saturday. Since we don't have to be there til noon on Sunday, we'll come home Saturday night. I still have to figure out pricing, my least favorite part of doing these cast pieces. There is no way I can get enough to cover all the time invested in them so it's a matter of trying to figure out what the market will bear without actually giving them away. And I should come up with some sort of display describing the process so people can understand their sticker shock but I'm not really invested in that since I'm running out of time, though I did print out the three blog posts on model making, mold making, and mold filling.

Alright, on to the other photos.

The roses in the Little Back Yard are putting on their fall blooms.

And this bromeliad blooms every year at this time.

The little shrimp plant that I brought over from the old city property and which sat there and did nothing for the longest despite my exhorting it to grow and bloom, finally did start growing and blooming.

This morning, the glass in the storm door was covered with dew and this little bug made a trail across it.

We have a small dogwood tree that has never bloomed in the 7 years we have had the country property. I understand it never bloomed for the people we bought the house from either. After we lost those four big branches from the pecan tree last fall and this summer, it gets more sun than it did before. I was looking at it earlier and spied four or five little buds forming so maybe next spring we will have four or five flowers.

The framed pate de verre pieces.

And me. It's warm and sunny out, will be warm tomorrow too, cooling slightly on Sunday so I'm sporting capris and t-shirt. And breezy. Did I mention breezy?



  1. really nice finished pieces! love the bromeliad bloom - so exotic! and love the photo bomb. :)

    good luck with the showings.

  2. All good! Love from Florida where it is much the same.

  3. Excellent wind chime! Excellent pecans, too. Have a good weekend.

  4. stuff grows for you, You have the gift! AND a little man waist deep in your head.

  5. I really like these pieces.

    Wishing great success with your showing.

  6. That bromeliad makes me want to look for one just like it! I do hope you get what your work is worth.

  7. Love the selfie! And the framed pieces. And the flowers. And, and...

  8. You have a man tumor growing out of your head.

  9. Your wind chime must have been chiming away - I like its design. The splashes of red in your garden would be such a gift here, amidst the snow and ice. I thought of your open house this morning and how easy it is to get around where you are this time of year. Here we are getting another dose of ice today. I will have to do all my shopping online if this weather pattern continues:)

  10. Ellen, I follow you mostly silently, and I particularly love your selfies, but I had to comment today to tell how much I appreciate what you had to say in connection to Ferguson over on Steve's blog; you so get it, and I am grateful that you do, and that you expressed it so clearly and conscientiously. People like you and others here are part of the change for good that is happening. Even though the news is horrific, I really do see there is good happening too. Thank you for being part of that. Love the photobombed selfie!


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