Friday, December 19, 2014

rain, work, and the selfie

Raining, raining, raining and I have to fill the oleander bowl mold today. So far I haven't made it over to the shop but I need to get my butt over there soon as it will take me the best part of the day to get it done.

My sister dropped her two little dogs off early this morning as she is headed out to spend this next week with her oldest daughter and her family and the first thing the little male did was to pee on a cardboard box in the big room (in his defense, it's the first time he has ever done that).

The cat is not happy. Not only is it raining but those two interlopers are here again.

As you can see, I did get over to the shop and get started on this mold. It's been years since I did one of these and I've forgotten the sequence, what part to do in what order. Well, this is going to take me all day and maybe then some. Except I have to get it finished today since I work at the antique store tomorrow.

So, yes I did finish today about 7 PM, another 30 minutes to clean up the work space because we are short at least one table in the shop.

I'm tired. I had barely gotten started when it was time for lunch but then, four solid hours of focused attention and fine motor skills.

And because it seems I don't smile enough and have had a request for a selfie with a smile before it's done, today you get two. The thing about the smiling though is that I find it hard to produce a genuine smile when I am taking a selfie and so it looks forced to me so I usually try for some other expression that reflects how I am feeling or what I am doing. But I do smile a lot. At least I think I do. And I'm having a very hard time picking a picture. I'm not going to tell you how many I took of me trying to produce a genuine smile. Mostly they were scary looking.

You know what? Never mind. I'm too tired to pick. I'll try again next Friday.


  1. I often shoot a few and pick out the better selfie. Dogs misbehaving is to be expected, many people think they are smarter than they are. Mine have a pet door to go in and out, but if I am around want me to go out with them. Keeps the plants watered sometimes. LOL

  2. I don't do selfies. There's probably a reason the dog pee'd. We just don't know their reasoning...

  3. I can recall the old skills, it the old tools I miss. Like the spool to keep a replacement thread under tension. And my brother not here to make one for me. Drat and double drat.

  4. i was laughing because as i was reading your paragraph, i knew there wasn't a second selfie waiting to be seen. :)

    cute little pups.

  5. Not to worry. I like your "working" selfie. It's as much you as one with a big grin.

  6. Poor dog was too unnerved and did not know how to adjust so fast. I do thank you for taking time out of your busy work to show us how this is done. Fascinating.

  7. Poor little guy was claiming his territory. That's how males nest, they like to put their mark on things. Not so different fro human men.
    Selfies remain elusive for me. I have tried and find that I always look goofy if I smile.

  8. I always think I look like a dweeb when I smile - but then I think I look sort of dweebish when I don't smile. Maybe I'm just a dweeb?

  9. You-at-work is just fine. You can do the selfie another day.

    I hope your guest dogs don't pee in the house anymore, but maybe there was something about that cardboard...

  10. Only two days to wait for those smiling selfies! The bane of my existence has been when people told me to smile for a photo.

  11. Maybe the male dog had to "claim the territory"?


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