Sunday, September 21, 2014


I spent most of the day Saturday catching up on everyone's blogs. Good thing it was slow at the store. When I am model making I'm pretty single minded. Even when I stop for the day or take a break, my mind is still on the piece and process.

I'm feeling positively giddy that I have three new models, two from this recent effort and the one I managed to produce last fall before all the commission work kicked in. I've started a new model, still getting it set up for carving. Strike while the iron is hot, right? I sure would like to get these finished.

Speaking of fall, I guess the days have finally gotten short enough to trigger leaf fall in the trees. I've noticed the tallows and the gingkoes and the crepe myrtles are starting to drop their leaves. The pecans are still dropping some immature nuts though not nearly so many as before. I guess all the rain we have had on and off the last two weeks has helped. We might even have our first handful of mature nuts. I'm going to let these dry out a little before I crack a few.

In other signs that fall is eminent, the acorns are starting to fall as I hear them bouncing off the roof in the morning while I'm having my coffee.

And the oxblood lilies are springing up.

And the confederate rose suddenly has burst out in buds.

And the farmer is finally able, in between rainy days, to finish harvesting his cotton.

Other bits and pieces:

I'm thinking maybe I need to feed Big Mama a little more frequently. She's been acting aggressively towards the fish. Doesn't want them anywhere near when I am feeding her. She has been known to chase an offending goldfish that dares to steal a nibble from whatever I am feeding her, and don't kid yourself, she can distinguish between individual fish and she will chase that little fucker all over the pond until I can distract her with another bite. But the last several days, she has been chasing whatever hapless goldfish that happens to be next to her after every bite whether it is trying to get a taste or not.

Our daughter and son-in-law bought 5 acres of wooded land out here. Their property is 12 miles away so it's not like they are living next door again but I am so happy that they will be close by (now if the boy would follow suit, I'd be delirious). Their plan is to build a small cabin for a weekend getaway and maybe eventually retire out here. They have great plans for a big pond and natural habitat. In the meantime, Mike is spending his spare time out here clearing land, getting the proper permits etc for electricity, a well, and a septic system and building a storage building. The whole fam was out here today hoping to get the roof frame up on the storage building.

Life is good.


  1. awesome. except for that very hungry big mama... :)

  2. I would love to live by a cotton field.
    I've had an entire weekend of a good deal of family. Lovely, but I was pleased to remove my hearing aids at day's end, too.

  3. Twelve miles isn't next door but it's not bad at all.

    What do you figure is behind Big Mama's increased aggression?

  4. My black dog guards food whether she is hungry or not when it is put out. All are kept away, herded off to another area of the house.

  5. Poor goldfish! I would not want an angry, hungry Big Mama after me.

  6. life is good,,,this time of year,,time to store for the winter and "build" stuff, it seems..glenn

  7. I collect acorns for my "pet" squirrels. They are small red squirrels and they always look like babies.

  8. Have you tried feeding Big Mama kale? Don't know if the fish will go after that, but supposedly it's good food for turtles.
    How cool that your daughter and SIL will be spending some time near you again. That will be fun. 12 miles is just right.

  9. So glad your daughter's family will be somewhat nearby (on the weekends anyway). If I lived in Texas I'd want to be in the country too (but only if I had a ginormous freezer because I don't really cook so I need already made stuff to eat - ha!).


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