Friday, September 26, 2014

an exhibition and a selfie

We're leaving in a little while to drive into the city for the opening of the CraftTexas exhibition in which we have a piece, the wren box, one of only four glass pieces in the show of 49 works. Two glass pieces are by the same artist and are basically just solid blocks and the fourth is cast glass circles and steel. I submitted three pieces but they only chose the one of mine. They've already published the catalog on-line and you can see it here: CraftTexas 2014 

I've been working this week on another model and finished it today. Now I have only one more small one and the two big ones to do and I will be finished with this series. I say I'll be finished but I'm already thinking of doing some in clay that are thinner and simpler versions. We'll see. I've been wanting to get started on my 'river stories' work but I think I might put that off for another idea, 9 x 9.

The idea for 9 x 9 came to me while I was on vacation and photographing all those feathers on the beach. So now I'm thinking about nine sets of nine pieces. Maybe that's where the simpler botanicas will fit in.

A cool front finally made it down to us so now we are have some really nice weather. Cool in the mornings, 80s during the day. AC off, doors open.

It's Friday, selfie day, and I thought I would take my selfie at the show but then it wouldn't get posted til tomorrow so y'all are just going to get an unrelated pic of me with mostly wet hair cause it's time for me to get ready to go.


  1. At first I got so excited because YOU WERE FIRST in the catalog but then I realized, oh, alphabetical order.
    Still, I am excited.

  2. Now that is a happy face. I am in a motel with 2 dawgs.

  3. Have a great time at the exhibition. Congratulations.

  4. Nine by nine sounds like quite a commitment, but it is a great idea. Maybe, as you said, you can fit some of your other work into that template.

  5. Hi Ellen, I simply love your work. Every item you create is a small masterpiece.

    Have fun.


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