Friday, May 30, 2014

long week and a selfie

We are putting in a long week this week in the shop. Not by design particularly but because my daughter and her family are going to Dallas this weekend to attend their cousin's high school graduation and party. And since they have two dogs and three cats, they needed someone to take care of the animals.

So we came in Tuesday and will be here til they return on Sunday. We had planned to come in on Monday as usual but it rained on Monday and Tuesday morning as well.  Almost 6" worth! We haven't had that kind of rain since the drought years started.  And it rained again on Wednesday, though we were in the city by then.

One thing about being here six days instead of three is that we are getting two weeks worth of work done in one week.  Good on the one hand but bad on the other. Sandblasting and stencil cutting for six consecutive days is hard on the bodies. But we are making great progress and our clients are happy about that. And when we finish earlier than predicted, we will be happy about that.

Being here for six consecutive days would not be fun if we were still confined to our tiny two-room-with-a-bath apartment in the house with our single burner, coffee maker, and mini-fridge but since the Boy and Wife have moved we have access to the rest of the house and, most importantly, the kitchen. Still, I would rather be home.

The cat would also rather be home because even with a bigger place to roam, she is still housebound.

Well, I have all the first round of stencils cut and Marc will start on sandblasting the last panel today. My work is only half done though as now I have to cut the secondary stencils for the cream etched backgrounds on all 6 panels.  These generally don't take as long as I'm just cutting around all the
design instead of cutting the design.

Sorry I haven't been around this week to read what everyone has been doing.  Just too busy and too tired.

Here is me and some of the work we have been doing.


  1. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  2. I have been busy fishing. LOL I just stopped in town for pastries and internet.

  3. glad you're getting a lot accomplished! and i am SO jealous on your rainfall! wow! we got 1/4 inch here this week after 5-6 days of it in the forecast...

  4. I hate feeling wore out! Good you had all that rain, however.

  5. We've been getting some much needed rain too...luv it! Sounds like you're going to get some relaxing in.

  6. As you said, it's hard work now but you'll be glad when it's all over. Glad you're having a productive week!

  7. You look kind of angelic in that selfie. Heh.


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