Friday, May 23, 2014

some misc pictures from the last several weeks...and a selfie

The squirrels finally discovered the tea cup feeder hanging outside my window and when they leap on and off it sets it to swinging wildly. One of them finally knocked it off the hook and it fell breaking the saucer. I hung it on a hook hanging from a section of trunk on the tallow tree by the fence til I could repair it thinking that maybe they would have a hard time getting to it there. Nope.

I pulled up all the carrots yesterday because I needed the space to plant some blueberry bushes. I love all the colors of the heritage strains: white, yellow, orange, pink, purple.

About three days after Big Mama ate the goldfish, she exited the pond and dug a deep hole. The next time I looked out, she had filled it back in and was back in the pond. I haven't seen her out in the yard since so I guess she laid her eggs.

Emma likes to help me with my art work.

The pinks and purples of the larkspur and evening primrose of early spring gave way to the yellows of clasping cone flowers and mexican hats of late spring.

The elephant garlic is blooming and the bees and wasps are foraging for nectar. Spied this lady bug but she showed me her rear end just as I snapped the picture.

Several of the altheas started blooming while we were gone last week.

The altheas weren't the only things to surprise me when I got home yesterday. I was getting ready to pull the dead trunks of the lost plumerias (from the surprise very late hard freeze) out of their pots today so I could reuse them and look what I saw. This is one of the two bridal veil plumerias that I was certain that both of them had died. Out of 9 pots, I have three known survivors and a possible fourth one that is showing green but has not sprouted out yet. Guess I'll wait a little longer to re-use those pots.

I took today off and worked on cleaning the gone by evening primrose and weeds out of the long daylily bed since they are sending up scapes by the dozens.

and this weeks selfie


  1. A very good week, it looks like to me.

  2. your garden is so pretty! the squirrel made me laugh. pesky varmints.

  3. Lovely plants and you have patience with those dormant plants. I think I have destroyed too many without patience.

  4. Squirrels are at the top of my varmint list. They keep my mind agile devising outwittings.

  5. You look so right, outside with the green world.

    I guess Big Mama's eggs can never hatch, right? Without another turtle. I wonder if she feels sad about that.

  6. You know that squirrel is modeling for you!

  7. I'm embarrassed. I didn't know how garlic grew.

  8. Hey.....once again you make me wish I lived where the weather is conducive to pretty flowers like yours.
    Looks wonderful....and so do you. Happy long weekend. Linda

  9. Big mama laid eggs?! That's great -- but are they fertile? Is there a male around? Will there be baby mamas?

    You do have a great yard. I am so looking forward to having a yard myself when we move to this new place.

  10. Your daylilies caught my eye. It's taken a few years here but ours are settling in and giving us more blooms each season. You look happy in your garden ~

  11. Loved these photos! Emma is beautiful and I can se she is a big help as well!

  12. What a great collection. I love that your plants seem to be reviving. Squirrels are such clever little beasties. Your kitty.. just adorable. So much freshness and loveliness in your world. And that includes your selfie.


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