Saturday, May 10, 2014

this is how my life is going...and a selfie

Before we can move anything into the new shop, it has to be cleaned. It's been a while since that building was used on any kind of a regular basis and while the shop bay area is not greasy, the whole place is grimy and old spider webby. We've hired a service to do that for us but they haven't worked it into the schedule yet.

Also before we can move the shop, we have to finish the work we have but this week was a short week because I had signed up for a garden club outing and last week had production problems.

Next week may be a short week also because of the opening of the exhibit at the museum in which we have two pieces. The reception is Thursday night while the 'meet and greet' the artists is Friday. So if we go (a 3 hour drive there and a three hour drive back), and we should go, it will require an overnight stay.

I'm talking with another small builder on Tuesday to see what he will offer for the city property and then need to pursue the big builders.

I still have one drawing to finish and a proposal to re-do and one of my jobs is getting impatient.

And just forget any gardening time. By the time I have time it will be too hot.

I wanted to get a haircut this week and that's not happening.

Plus I'm trying, and not very successfully, to keep up with the reading of and commenting on the blogs I follow.

There is just too much going on.

tearing my hair out

And we lost our internet access at home on Friday (which is why I didn't do my selfie post yesterday). We have service but it isn't recognizing our IP address and we get a window saying some other computer is using it, it as in our IP address. What the hell does that mean? Has our internet connection been hijacked and what the hell do we do about it?

I'm posting this on the computer at the antique store.

Edit: Yay! We got the internet back! Turns out it was a source problem, the source being the cable company.


  1. When it pours...and it is a disaster. You seem to be calm even though your selfie does not look that way!

  2. At least you shaved. Oh wait, you don't need to . . .

  3. The Internet connection would be the worst for me. One day at a time?

  4. oh, bless you! frustration on top of too-damn-many-thing-to-accomplish-with-no-time-to-do-any-of-it! :)

  5. I am sympathizing; I've put in just a couple of that sort of days the last week. Good luck with all the irons in the fire; hoping one isn't a curling iron.

  6. Your hair is nice long. No need for a haircut just yet.

    Don’t forget to have some fun as well.

  7. On the plus side, if you pull your hair out, you can take 'hair cut' off of you to do list.

  8. My puter was down most of the week. An ATT issue. By Friday I was pulling my hair out too. I'm supposed to be retired and it seems I'm the busiest I've ever been...???

  9. It will all work out, better keep the hair

  10. Well, at least the Internet came back. That's one good thing!

    I usually find when I feel swamped that some things take care of themselves one way or another.

  11. My new mantra seems to be: It will get done.
    Of course, just believing that doesn't make it true.
    But it's mostly true.
    Quit tearing your hair out, lady. At our age, it's just a blessing to have it.

  12. Yes! What Ms. Moon said! Mine's falling out all of its own accord!

  13. I'm right there with you pulling MY hair out. I should be packing for our trip (we leave in the morning), but I'm reading blogs instead.


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