Friday, May 2, 2014

will you still need me, will you still feed me... and a selfie

Well, this week was a mixed bag. We got home a little early yesterday, finally quitting in disgust and packing up. The first job, one door panel, that we were going to do this week didn't even get started because the glass was not ready as promised.

So I started on a stencil for the second job which is four large cabinet lites. Got one cut, started on the second and finally pulled out the original drawings, because something was niggling in the back of my head, to discover that the copy of the drawing that was the pattern for the stencil I had already cut had not been reversed while the one I was working on had.

When I do my sketches, I draw them they way they will look when installed. Since we work on the back side of the glass, that means reversing, flipping horizontally, the art work for the patterns for the stencils.

So, I pulled out all the patterns for the three jobs and out of 6 drawings, only one had been reversed. So I took them all back to the reprographics place and got new prints but by then it was after 2 PM so we just loaded up and came home.

Wednesday was my birthday and though I had to work, it was a casual day and I didn't get all that much done. Quit early and went to see Captain America: Winter Soldier. We watch Agents of Shield and 'they' kept telling us that we needed to see the new Captain America for the new direction of the show to make sense. Well, it did explain some things but it left a whole lot of other questions unanswered. I think we need to have a Marvel movie marathon.

Then when we got back from the movie, I got cake and presents.

Grandgirl Jade brought me a little egg fallen out of it's nest that she found. I think it's either a wren or sparrow egg.

Then my daughter and grandgirl Robin brought me a giant cupcake.



And then my son brought me a rolling pecan picker upper.

So the week wasn't a total wash.

I have a weird headache today though and feel like I didn't sleep well last night even though I did.


  1. Happy birthday, sweetie!
    And now I want a cupcake.
    How's your arm?

  2. happy, happy birthday, dear ellen! lovin' your selfie. :) and LOVE that pecan picker-upper! hope it works great!

    now, i need a big-ass cupcake!

  3. The egg looks like a bean! Intense selfie.

  4. Happy Birthday to you! I love that song.

    That PPU will make your life much easier. Sure is funny how such a small nut can cause a big pain in the back.

    You seem to be concentrating on something very hard.

    Love all your pictures.

  5. Happy belated. That pecan picker upper is the nutz! Woo-hoo, even. Hope the headache is gone like pecans off the ground.

  6. I think those are the 3 best presents ever. I hope you are feeling better, and now I look forward to the fall when you'll employ that pecan harvester. So cool.

  7. Awww Happy Birthday, Ellen. Those are great gifts. Give yourself one more good one.. take it easy. It sounds like you might be coming down with something.

    Love the giant cupcake.

  8. They will always need you, feed you, bring you eggs that need tending, get you tools to make your work easier, love you... because you raised them well and loved.

    Happy birthday again! I'm jealous of your cake.

  9. You got some super cool gifts! Lovely, useful and original. I had a hang-over feeling yesterday morning...but I did not get a good night's sleep, so had a good reason. Belated Happy Birthday.

  10. Happy birthday!
    I must admit to having seen Captain America myself (and I still need to see the latest Thor movie). In spite of a preference for movies with actual dialogue, and even crazier, characters with some dimension to them, I sometimes enjoy a Transformers movie as much as any 13 year old boy!

  11. Happy, happy birthday dear Ellen. What precious gifts you received. The egg is darling, the pecan picker upper is so practical and helpful and the cupcake, yum.
    I didn't realize you too were an April BD. I'll mark it down right now so that I won't forget next year.
    Yes, how is your wrist????? Oma Linda


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