Tuesday, May 20, 2014

no, wait, I'm not ready

Yes, I know it's not Sunday but I did write it on Sunday.

It's Sunday and I can't believe it's already 6 PM. Tomorrow we have to pack up and head back to the city to continue the work on the two jobs in fabrication. We finished one last week and made some progress on these last two. Having two short weeks in a row and a slow start before that, we've been feeling the pressure especially with all the other stuff that was going on like...

trying to sell the house
delivering the finished panel
going on a garden club field trip
trying to decide if we wanted to drive to Corpus for the show after working all week
arranging to get the new shop cleaned (and they did a great job too)

We didn't finally decide to go until Wednesday so we packed up and came home and made hotel reservations and packed back up and drove there on Thursday. And then home again on Friday. And Saturday I worked at the store so this has been my only day off all week. I'm not ready for it to be over.

So Saturday was also the Freedom Fest here in Wharton. It's usually held the weekend before the weekend the Fourth of July is celebrated. There's a car show and a cook-off and food booths and cheap shit from China booths and community service booths and a veterans' parade which is the highlight of and point of the festival and music all day and a street dance and laser light show (new this year instead of the fireworks of the past) in the evening and activities like bungee jumping on a trampoline and a bouncy house and baby turtles for sale that I hate to see because they will all die sooner rather than later. The rock wall climbing and the walking on water in the big bubble didn't come this year. They moved it to this weekend in May because the last three years have been so fucking hot that nobody comes till evening and they are afraid all the old codgers are going to have heat stroke and die while they are being honored.

The Girl and the three grandgirls came to spend the day and go to the festival and after they looked at everything they came into the store and hung out with me til I closed. Then we came back to the house and Autumn and I went around and collected different wildflowers and she pressed them for a school project. So it was a fun day even though I didn't see any of the festival this year, not even the laser light show.

So did I mention that the Boy and Wife found an apartment? It's closer to where he works and in a neighborhood they like. So that was a weight off, to know that they found a place they like in plenty of time. They moved first tier stuff this weekend.

I'm so looking forward to getting this work completed so we can get on with the business of moving the shop. Next thing to schedule is having an electrician out to look it all over.


  1. My god but you are so busy! I admire you!

  2. You better sit down for a spell, drink a tall cool one, and wiggle your toes in the breeze.

  3. glad you are making progress! and glad your son and wife found a new place to live. one day at a time...

  4. Great shades on the twins

    Your life is never ever boring!

  5. You are busier than me!! Makes you feel like you deserve that sleep at night, doesn't it?

  6. Eventually all the hurry, hurry, hurry will settle into normal, normal, normal.

  7. Ebb and flow and so it goes. Day in. Day out. :)

  8. I'm getting tired reading all the stuff you're up to these days!

    The grandgirls are just lovely.

  9. I take it you have time to breathe?


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