Monday, March 31, 2014


Spring has gotten off to a rough start but things are finally starting to emerge, and in some cases, emerge again. Still waiting to see if the star of india, the morning glory bush, and the angel trumpet made it.

All the trees have finally come out...the maple and the water oak first, then the ginkgo followed by the crepe myrtles then the rain tree and the other oak with the tallows and the pecans bringing up the rear.

Poking around looking for green shoots I saw this fellow.

The blue iris and the ground orchids got decimated by the late hard freeze but the bluebonnets, and indian paintbrush, are blooming.

as are the baby blue eyes.

The evening primrose are starting up

as is the mock dogwood.

The azaleas are blooming,

the white iris

and the nun's orchid.

We have not put our spring food garden in yet and it may be minimal this year. Being in the city half of every week doesn't give us much time to deal with it. We will get one job finished this week and then it's back to the doing full size art work. I'll be glad to have a couple of weeks here before starting fabrication again.


  1. you've got some beauties!

    finally saw a few tiny bluebonnets blooming this weekend. :)

  2. I've been seeing a few of your little "fellows" in the neighborhood and it's about all I can do to keep Oliver from eating them. Let's just say he is not discriminating.

    And, I am so happy spring is finally here!

  3. As it begins to warm up, we too see lots of slugs that in one swoop will eat up everything...
    How do you eradicate them? We use Sluggo; but I would prefer a more organic approach.

  4. Seeing a few tulips and such peeking. Listened to Chorus Frogs all morning.

  5. The picture with the bluebonnets is classic; it's what the perfectly begun spring looks like.

  6. Hey lookee all coming round to pretty flowers. No more snow, no more freeze, I just simply will not allow it....or so I keep saying. Oma Linda

  7. If I lived closed to you, I suspect you would have to kick me out of your yard (and surrounding areas) everyday. What beauties!

  8. Everything looks so delicate, pretty and fresh. And not under two feet of snow.

  9. That nun's orchid is interesting. I don't ever remember seeing one of those before.

  10. You have a buddha! Cool.

    So glad it's spring!

  11. Gorgeous flowers! Love Bluebonnets!

  12. I love bright flowers, but for some reason evening primrose makes me feel gushy inside - it's so delicate & lovely...


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