Sunday, March 2, 2014

growy bloomy things

I haven't put my winter clothes away yet but they have become a less important part of my wardrobe and even though I'm going to need them next week for a few days, some of the things that froze to the ground are already coming out while the angel trumpet, the star of india, and the morning glory bush are still dormant. Green, but dormant.

yellow bells


confederate rose

philippine violet
(stupid camera wouldn't focus on the tiny green buds)


redbud tree

fringe flower

the buddha contemplates spring

gerber daisy


carolina jasmine (at the city house)

ground orchid

edit: I guess I'm going to have to go out there and push the leaves back over all the new growth as it is supposed to get down to 32˚ tonight. Winter is being a very bad sport.

edit: Everything is frozen! The weather liars missed it by a mile. It was 26˚ when I got up this morning. While I did bring in all the pots that I could carry, I left the plumerias out thinking they would be OK with just a quick dip to 32˚. I hope they survive.


  1. you're ahead of us, but i did see some bradford pears blooming on the way to town and one pink tree of some sort. our redbud hasn't started at all. maybe a good thing - yesterday we hit 80. tonight we're sliding to 18 and freezing rain.

  2. It looks so much the same here. Isn't it a glory?

  3. You have a few months of color ahead of us. Actually, we'll get the same beautiful colors here and there in microclimates up the river, or in walled gardens. All that's in bloom now are the magnolias and the camellias.

  4. How glorious to see spring has arrived somewhere.....lucky you.

  5. We can always count on your garden to be first and best! Refreshing! Snow and ice here, I am wearing lots of stuff plus an alpaca shawl and an Indian wool blanket. It is dark. This can not be healthy!!!

  6. I feel so lucky not to have to endure the harsh winters any more. There were only two days here where I felt like I wouldn't mind a big coat but usually all I wear out is my rain parka. So, not a lot of winter clothes to put away.
    I just love the Redbud and the yellow flowered bush at the city house.

  7. I like your Buddha.

  8. The closest to this is I have 3 orchids indoors getting ready to bloom. It was -7 when I first went out to blow my snow off.


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