Tuesday, March 25, 2014

in the city, on the iPad

I tried to get a post done Monday about the profusion of Indian paintbrush in the fields this year before we left for our work week in the city but didn't quite manage.  Last week was spring break and the grandkids followed us home Thursday and the parental unit didn't come get them til Sunday afternoon.  As usual, no work got done while they were here.

BTW, I took Friday's selfie with the camera in the computer so I could see if we were all in the picture.  I pressed the button to take the picture.  That counts as a selfie, doesn't it?

My replacement camera came while we were gone so I set up Sunday after the kids left to take better photographs of the Tea Box and the three Botanica Eroticas for the upcoming invitational museum show in Corpus Christi in May.  I'll post some pics when we get back later this week.

Yesterday, before we could leave, I had to get the intermediate size drawings done for the next bunch of glass to be fabricated so I could get them enlarged this week to full size.

For now, I have three long days in the shop doing the background on two of the three door panels we are trying to finish.  It's possible I could get all three done this week but not probable especially since I have an appointment this afternoon for another possible job.

Posting on my iPad.  This is the first time I've tried to do this and it won't let me add photos unless I have already uploaded them to Picassa.

Well, time to get busy.


  1. I can post pictures from my iPad if they're on the camera roll.

  2. I love the picture.

    Spring break is always creative and fun for you and your grands.

  3. your indian paintbrushes are blooming? a friend in deep east texas said hers are coming in nicely, too. we've not had one bluebonnet or paintbrush sighted here yet. too many freezes kept holding them back.

  4. I've heard Corpus Christi is quite nice, but I heard that years ago.

    I just don't get iPads. Whenever I think maybe I should get a pad, it would be an android though, I always come back with why not just have a very lightweight computer. Maybe the pads are easier to pass around.

    Regardless, have a good trip.

  5. I just went and look at the selfie--such pretty ladies!

    Yay! You are getting lots of work, it seems. That's always good around here.

    iPads and I have a hate (sometimes hate less) relationship.

  6. Wouldn't it be a selfies?

  7. Haven't seen Indian paintbrushes for some time. I also remember one lovely time in Corpus Christi when my kids were young.

  8. I haven't fallen for an iPad yet. My sister has two.
    You have a good week.

  9. I posted with my iPhone once or twice and I remember uploading photos, but I have no idea how I did it. I think I emailed the post directly to my blog, if I remember right.

    So what kind of camera did you wind up getting?

  10. Oh, and please post about the Indian paintbrushes! I love those flowers.

  11. Corpus is nice but cruise down into Padre.


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