Friday, March 14, 2014

art, camera, and a selfie

This was a long tiring unsatisfying week in the shop this week. Suffice to say I didn't make as much progress as I intended and I was dissatisfied with what I did get done.

Not sure which was the cause and which was the reaction.


etched side of the finished panel

We're still really busy and I am grateful for all the work but I'm not finding any time to work on the Botanicas.

Today I am trying to get an entry for Craft Texas in as the deadline is tomorrow. I'm bogged down on the artist's statement.

Also, this coming week I have to ready my submission for the invitational show at the Art Museum of South Texas. I decided to submit, as one of my entries, a small grouping of the Botanica Eroticas, one large and three smalls. To this end, I have finally decided on how to mount them for hanging. I had some very shallow 'shadow boxes' made, which will allow me to either hang them on the wall or allow them to lay on a table or shelf.

I also had some stainless steel 'invisible' mounts constructed that would be siliconed onto the backs of the pieces so that they would hang/float off the wall but I'm a little nervous about using those for the these as the the glass blocks are so heavy. Plus I really like the way the black box frames the pieces without obscuring the sides. I'll use the invisible mounts for some future pieces that aren't so heavy.

So I finally found out about my Canon camera which I sent off for repair after it fell out of my jacket pocket when I was taking it off, fell only a couple of feet onto a wood floor and 90% of the functions quit working. It was supposed to be under warranty, being only 6 months old, but they were going to charge me $95 to repair it, or rather send me a new one since they don't repair these models, only replace, because I told them I dropped it and if you drop it, the warranty is void.

When I complained about the quality of a camera that became totally dysfunctional after falling only a couple of feet, the customer service lady told me to hold on while she would see what she could do since there was no damage to the case.

This is me being a little annoyed while on interminable hold.

They've agreed to replace the camera at no charge as a one time courtesy, which is a good thing as I would not have paid the charge to replace it and it would have been the last Canon camera I bought.


  1. yay for a customer service save!

    i like your botanica framing!

  2. I'm noticing "one time courtesy" for a number of one time things lately. At the auto repair shop they honored the lifetime rotate and balance from my old car to my new car, one time courtesy. Apparently the computer got stuck; I've had a couple of lifetime rotate and balances on the new car.
    Hope you come up with a dazzling artist statement.

  3. Maybe not such an unsatisfying week after all. Your work looks beautiful. And you got a new camera. Sweet!

    I've been thinking about writing up a bunch of artist's statements & selling them for like $5 online. I would allow for changeability in certain verbs, choices of media, philosophies, etc. Allow for some fill-in-the-blank. "As I child, I ___________ and it _________...." "I invite the viewer to_________..." "My work has evolved from _______ to _________."
    There Ellen, did that help? Free, fro me to you. ;oD

  4. Your work is wonderful. I recently had to write up an artist statement too...sheesh, it took me days! I just bought another canon. I love them and (knocking on wood here) haven't had any problems.

  5. I like the "kaboom" behind you. The eroticas are very pretty.

  6. Love the heron! I'm glad Canon took care of you, they are my favorite camera. I'd look a lot more aggravated in the selfie if that were me.

  7. The selfie is wonderful. Mood perfectly portrayed. I'm glad that worked out. You need to play hardball with Canon but they do tend to err on the side of the customer.

    The heron is gorgeous and so is that botanica.. stunning.

  8. You look much more patient than I do when on hold; maybe a tiny bit perturbed. :)

    The shadow boxes seem to really work well. Simply beautiful of course!

  9. I love the botanica frame. It's got to be a lot of work to design your own frames and mounts! This is one of those things that people don't think about when they consider producing art, right?!

    So your camera was still in the case when it fell, and it was that severely damaged?! That IS surprising. I'm glad Canon reconsidered.

  10. Your art always astounds me. I love it so.

  11. I have no idea how one works in glass like that, but it does become an interesting piece. I have good success with two repairs I have done with Canon, so I am glad they kept their reputation.

  12. You look quite formidable. I am sure you can stand your ground.

    Your work is splendid, I hope you will find the appreciation you deserve in the places where you exhibit.

  13. Good for them for replacing the camera. I love that look on your face!

  14. Love those frames and your selfie - good for you for pushing back!


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