Friday, January 31, 2014

siren song

OMG, it's Friday already. Maybe I should have done this selfie thing once a month instead of once a week.

The days have been cold and dry and the hair doesn't want to curl so it's flat, thin, and wispy. I'm about ready for a haircut but I won't get one til spring and then I'll get my summer cut. I get a second hair cut in the fall but not as short. In the meantime, I keep it pulled away from my face with combs or my glasses.

I don't like it in my face or on my forehead and I do not understand how people can stand to have bangs.

But today is very temperate, overcast, might be trying to break up a little, or not. I've strolled around the yard a couple of times poking under leaves and such. Things are sprouting out of the ground. I'm having a physical pull to the outdoors to do STUFF!!

purple ground orchid

day lilies

the silly maple tree is coming out, fooled I'm sure by those warm days last week

Which I'm trying to ignore. I have another drawing that l need to start and would like to finish today which means no play time outside. It's still too early, really, so my urge is best resisted.

And this drawing needs to be done before next week. Next week we have to spend a couple of days in the city, getting ready to start fabrication on some of the glass.

So, like Odysseus, here I am lashed to the mast and contemplating the blank piece of paper for today.


  1. 'lashed to the mast' - i like it. :)

  2. I feel the same pull to the outdoors but like you, it seems difficult to get away. I hereby pledge to do at least one morning this weekend in the woods!

  3. Bangs or botox? I'm at a new blog address. Click on Susie if you like.

  4. You're becoming a selfie expert. The green things growing make me envious.

  5. Until very recently, I've always had bangs but because my hair is so ridiculously thin now bangs just look scary. So I am growing them out. Whenever I think about doing a selfie I think oh gosh, I'll have to go brush my hair and so that idea goes out the window real quick.

  6. ...lashed to the mast...I feel that way sometimes too.

    We are dry and cold. I had one day last week I trimmed bushes but the mess lays waiting for a wet day to burn.

    The vision will come.

  7. very spring like, we had 3.5 inches of snow last night.waiting for it to warm up to 20 before going out and cleaning the drive.

  8. lashed to the mast, is such a feeling phrase. I just love your selfie. I'm too chicken to do selfies......wouldn't want to scare folks. Oma Linda

  9. Oh this is my favorite time of year! Well, it will be in a couple of months up here - ha!

    Love the selfie! You ever tempted to just let it grow & pull it back regularly? I'm thinking of getting a radical cut myself...

  10. I love the selfie project. Part of the charm of selfies is that they are come-as-you-are.

    Sometimes I like hair around my face - it feels cozy and protected. But sometimes it all needs to be off my face which is why I keep it long enough to pull back in a pony tail.

  11. We have some of the same stuff going on here -- confused plants putting out their spring buds. I can't stand to be inside when the weather is changing. Can you take your paper outside to work, or is that not an option?


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