Sunday, January 19, 2014

it's a freakin' miracle

I bought a pair of women's jeans last Friday that fit...everywhere. Straight leg but not toothpick, off the waist (but not at my flippin' pubic bone), and, the most miraculous part of all, the exact right length! Perhaps someone has finally figured out that not all women wear 6” spike heels with their bluejeans.

I haven't been able to buy a pair of women's jeans that fit since I outgrew skin tight size 7 junior. Size 7 junior is now size 3 junior I think. Gotta love the fashion industry.  Don't like that size 9 tag? No problem. Voila, 9 is now 5!

Anyway, after I snagged my man and quit going to bars and clubs I decided comfort was the highest criteria. No more skin tight skinny jeans for me.

Actually, what happened was that I had kids.

That'll kick you out of the junior department faster than you can blink.

It also kicked me out of the women's department as far as jeans went. Or pants of any kind.

Cause I have certain requirements. Like not cinched at my waist. I hate things at my waist cause my waist has never been as small as the fashion industry thinks it should be. And not tight. I want to be able to breathe and move and bend over and sit...comfortably. And I want them the right fucking length! Is that too much to ask for?

Apparently, it is.

So for the past 30+ years I've been buying Levis 501s in the men's department. They hit me at the hip and I can buy them by waist and length, (hear that women's fashion waist size and length). The only problem is that they are a bit baggy in the front and thigh.

I have, over the years, made forays into the ladies department looking for jeans and have always come away empty handed.

My last purchase of women's jeans which I bought several years ago were a compromise. They were only about 2” too long, being a 'short' (I am not a midget, at 5'4” I'm actually rather average); they hit below my hip bone, which was a little too low, but at least they weren't at my pubic bone; and they were a little stretchy for the comfort factor.

I couldn't keep them up.

I finally had to sew two strips of elastic onto the back inside waistband because after wearing them, with the legs turned up into cuffs, for an hour or so, I was constantly pulling them back up in place. Every time I stood up or walked more than half a dozen steps, they would have slipped down an inch or so.

I have high hopes for these. Granted, I haven't worn them beyond just trying them on and the denim is not as heavy weight as the Levis, but they should be fine for spring and fall.

I doubt I'll abandon my men's jeans altogether but it's nice to have a more feminine alternative for a change.


  1. i have managed to find a few pair, now and then, that fit my frame and shortness. but it is rare. :)

  2. Well good for you! I bought new jeans over Christmas & the one pair is so long that I have to wear my skechers shape-up shoes with them (I don't wear heels).

    I have the opposite problem that you have (besides weighing about 60 more pounds than you do) - I have wide hips & a smaller waist. To find pants that fit my hips I have to get them about 3 sizes too big in the waist. And forget about low riders - they leave me needing a tramp stamp so people will have something interesting to look at when I bend over :)

  3. They look terrific! Jeans that fit and are comfortable are a major blessing. And rare as hell.

  4. So what brand are these? I have similar requirements for comfy jeans, especially the no-cinching at the waist.

  5. If they're the ones, buy a couple more and stash them.
    I found the perfect model of Lee several years ago, went back and bought another. When they were looking faded, went back and zilch. But, I found them on the internet and bought two more pair, one of which I broke into for a pair of "good" go to important meetings jeans. I should go looking again soon.
    In the meantime, congratulations!

  6. That IS a miracle! You should buy a dozen pairs before they stop making them.

  7. Go, you!

    I knew I had lost weight lately, but got a surprise. I was cleaning out my closet and on the point of pitching a pair of jeans that were once a favorite, when i decided at the last moment, to try them on. Hokey smokes, they fit! I've been living in them ever since.

  8. What brand did you end up with? My lasy few pairs have been Gloria Vanderbilt and they fit a woman properly...

  9. I'm with everyone else. What's the brand? They look perfect.
    There are no, as in none, pants that fit me anymore. I'm still wearing 5 yr old J Jills because nothing else fits and when they get tattered and frayed I will have to go back to where you just gave from. Men's Levi's. Or, I could start with the old lady elastic waist short legs pants made of polyester I guess.

  10. There is nothing more wonderful than good comfortable jeans.

  11. We men have the same problem, or at least I do. If I want my jeans to fit I have resorted to buying them from LLBean where I can order the exact size waist and length.

  12. the brand that fits is nice. I Have a hard time with relaxed fit when they look like balloons.

  13. Congratulations and please! tell us what brand. Those are the jeans I'm looking for. I tried on so many pairs of jeans and yoga pants shopping this weekend and NONE fit. I want thinner legs but not the ones you wrestle with to get off and on.
    Those look great. Do tell.....

  14. I have two pairs of jeans that fit well without alterations... I have them since high school. The new ones, well, what a nightmare.

    Every time I go to buy jeans, I wonder, Where exactly do they want me to stick my butt? If a pair of jeans fit around my waist, they don't go up my behind. If they fit my behind, then there is too much extra material around the waist. By the time I get to considering the length, I'm about to punch someone...

    I guess I'm saying, I'm sooo very happy you found jeans that fit!

  15. Looking good there Ellen! I gave up ever being able to buy a pair of jeans off the peg ... at 4ft 10in I am a midget and my body shape and 'ideal' is too different for designers to cope with.

  16. Quick, go and buy another pair before they decided not to continue this size.

    I have one (German) make which fits perfectly, seeing that I have a German apple shaped bottom rather than an English pear shaped on. I am also tall, English women are shorter than me.

    Unfortunately, these trousers are expensive.


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