Friday, January 10, 2014

just a memory

Cold weather? What cold weather? Did someone mention cold weather? It's 68˚ and humid outside and I'm barefoot. I don't get it. 68˚ is what we keep the heater thermostat on when it's cold outside and when the heat is on and I've got on twice as many clothes, I'm still cold. Now, it's 68˚ outside and I'm barefoot.

I have another job consisting of two good size windows that I'm working on sketches for now. These will be shipped to Maryland when we're done. They really like this piece we did for Oak Bend Hospital using native flora and fauna so I'm working with images for the Chesapeake Bay area. Most of the plants and wildlife is familiar.

I've been trying to be very good this week and curtail my internet time, well, my internet time wasting as I do a lot of image research on the web, and get these sketches done so I can move on to all the full size art work I need to do next week.

Since it's Friday, here's a selfie of me pretending to work:

I'm already having second thoughts about this selfie on Friday thing as I'm having to take over a dozen shots before I get one that I'm not too horrified at.

Tomorrow is one of my days at the antique store and I'm going to organize all my bird drawings into a binder instead of the folder where they currently reside while I'm there. It's supposed to rain so I don;t expect too many people will come in.


  1. I'm glad you waste your time on the internet. Otherwise, how would I know that you're barefoot and it's 68 F?

  2. I can see your Friday selfies will be a lot of fun.

  3. those panels are beautiful!

    we hit 65 today but with the dampness in the air, i can never get warm.

  4. It is weird how quickly and dramatically the temperature changed. Whiplash!

    Maybe you should make a rule that you publish the first selfie you take. (That could be a dangerous rule, but it would keep you from having to shoot a thousand of them. :) )

  5. The idea of a weekly selfie is a very brave one. I did one the other day and I barely recognised myself.

    Whatever the weather, enjoy your work with its limitless creativity. The panel is simply beautiful.

  6. The etchings are nice,i would enjoy being up on the bay area

  7. I agree with Friko. Weekly selfies is very brave.

  8. I like your selfies and I love your panels. But I have to say that you're a real weather showoff! ;)

  9. You remind me of my aunt in this selfie--when she was young. What gave you the idea to do Friday selfies anyway? I like it.
    The panels are beautiful. As always.

  10. This weather is confusing my arthritic bones. But I will take it. You know the cold and I don't get along all that well.

    You look great pretending to work; very industrious and beautiful.

    I noticed you are reading The Book Thief. I'm extremely jealous you get to read it for the first time. What a great book. I cried many tears reading it... and smiled... and shook my fist in the air.

    Did I mention that I really loved the selfie?

  11. Those are beautiful! Now I want to see a picture of you pretending to work on a Wednesday too. See what you've started?

  12. I love those panels! I'm a Chesapeake Bay native and they capture something lovely and true.

    68 degrees would be picnic weather for me right now, I'm growing weary of winter here. The Chesapeake spoiled me, it's a very temperate place.

    Those selfies are a brave idea, I am always shocked at how different my brain and my camera see me. You look like an artist hard at work, and thanks for sharing the selfies and your work with us.

  13. I just took 10 pictures of myself & didn't like any of them so I know what you're talking about! (I did finally pick one - I had made a hat for a cousin & was modeling how it looked on the head.)

    I know I'm reading this 8 days later, but we've gotten more snow. Ugh. It's pretty and all, but such a hassle. At least I don't have arthritis in my hip anymore so I don't feel extra achy in the cold.

  14. P.S. But I LIKE the Friday selfie, so you have to keep doing it :)


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