Friday, January 24, 2014

freezing rain, crunchy ground

I did take the day off yesterday, moving to the couch after I made my post, snuggled with a book and a blanket, snoozing off and on. Next thing I knew it was 7:30.

The freezing rain started in ernest at some point. Before dawn this morning the cat came and wanted out as is her wont. I opened the back door. Nope. Opened the front door. Nope. She decided to go back to bed. About two hours later, she was letting us know that, OK, now I really do have to go out, and she did. For as long as it took her to do her business.

This morning I took a foray out in the yard. Everything is coated with ice.

the northeast side of the cedar tree is weighted down

this gerber daisy was confused by the temps in the 70s earlier this week

my Friday selfie...surveying the frozen crunchiness of my yard


  1. we were cold here in NE Tx (18 this a.m.) but no precip whatsoever. you can keep the ice down there!

  2. As sad and destructive it is to plant life, it sure manages to look pretty when it coats those leaves.


    It is colder than fuck and that's too cold for you.

    Ice is beautiful, treacherous, deadly. I can't figure out how to feel about ice storms.

    Stay warm!

  4. I also love this selfie. Your expression looks like "what fresh hell is this"? Ice is beautiful but can also be deadly.

  5. Booooooo. Your plants are all iced.
    Yeahhhhh, love your selfie.
    I do like the sound of under the covers and staying warm. Sounds like the plan of the day.

  6. The big freeze in Houston made the local news.

  7. Yeesh. Definitely looks like good weather for staying inside!

  8. I remember the days of scraping ice off of my car windows. Boo.

  9. That right there is the number one reason we're so thrilled to have a garage that both vehicles will fit into. Not that we would want to be driving with all that ice around!


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