Sunday, June 30, 2013

granny camp 2

A week ago today, I picked up the grandboy who is 16 this year. I have really sort of expected or feared that as the kids got to be teenagers, they wouldn't want to come for their week but that has not proved to be true. Although, this year the grandboy did ask if he could bring a friend with him.

This is mostly what I saw of him and his friend.

They came with a TV, gameboy, laptop, iPod, iPhone and spent most of their time ensconced in the back room. They would stay up most the night and sleep most the day. His friend would emerge for meals or when Mikey dragged him outside for brief forays in the heat.

Mikey would come out several times a day and spend time with us before heading back into the back room.

The back room is the third bedroom that was added on to the house later. It serves us as a storage room for frit, old reproduction molds, packing and shipping stuff, mold filling tools, craft stuff, games, sewing machine, and guest room for the kids. The futon is back there and it opens out to a full size bed.

He also avoids pictures and I had few opportunities for stealth mode photos.

Here, I chased him around the house with the camera.

He made coconut ice cream and brownies and helped with banana pudding.

Avoiding the camera as best he can while he charges the ice cream maker.

The boys went out one afternoon with the baseball and bat.

When he wasn't lazing in the back room he was lazing in the old green recliner in my studio space.

One afternoon they made a 'redneck' slip and slide as he calls it.

He and his friend Tyler are skaters and one evening after it had cooled off some they were out on the concrete apron with the rail that they brought with them.

Here's the result:

Wharton always has their Freedom Fest the weekend before the Fourth of July. I worked at the store on Saturday so Marc brought the boys down to the square and to the car show. 

They didn't want to do any of the activities and it was blazing hot yesterday, 105˚, 13˚ hotter than normal for this day, so they headed back to the house.

We finished dinner just as the fireworks were starting so me and the boys jumped in the truck and raced to a spot where we could see them pretty well.

And that was his week. I took him home and returned with Jade for back to back weeks.

We are just chilling out the rest of the day.


  1. Aren't they a hoot??? Mine spends a lot of time reading and drawing...the sleeping...did we do that???

  2. great that they got to be boys, doing what they love, but you got to spend some time with them, too.

  3. LOL -- my nephew is like that. He's about the same age, and when I come over he says hello and then disappears into his bedroom, never to be seen again...

  4. I do not look forward to that time when they hide in the bedroom. I have to be fair and realize their stresses in school are greater and their hormones are more crazy, so just losing themselves into some other world is probably necessary...but I won't like it!

  5. Gotta love grandkids! I told my son I should have done that first!!

  6. Mike does the same thing when we stay with my dad - ha! He is so introverted that meal time is enough & he has to go hide. To be fair, I spend a lot of time on the computer or reading when I'm at dad's too - but I do it out in the living room with them :)

  7. That's the way teenage boys are. My boys are 12 and 19 yo, and I've seen the things you describe (e.g. staying up all night and sleeping all day). My boys are addicted to snow and skiing. Therefore, I've chosen this to be the arena for all of us. I've been taking teenage boys for skiing practice, competitions and just leisure skiing for ten years now, both in the winter and in the summer (on glaciers). It costs some money, but it's just a question of priorities. Anyway, as a result of this, I have a very good relationship both with my sons and many of their best buddies.

    Cold As Heaven

  8. I can't believe how grown up the g-kids are! Wow.

    Lol when I saw the pic of the closed door.

    They're so lucky to have you as their grandma.

  9. Hm yes, but I bet he had a great time, he and his mate both.
    16 is a bit old to hang out with granny, not manly enough, but I doubt it’ll stop him coming again.
    You might see even less of him, though.

    Grab hold of the girls before that age.


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