Thursday, June 20, 2013

granny camp 1

The visits from the grandkids have begun.

Robin, the youngest at 12, was first this summer. She needed to get her visit in because the rest of this summer and fall she will be preparing for her Bat Mitzvah in November.

chatting with her grandpa.

She wanted to sew again this year so we made her two pair of shorts. Actually, she made the first pair all by herself. Pinned down the pattern, cut it out, did all the stitching including sewing the curving seams in the crotch, made the casing and inserted the elastic, and hemmed the legs. She did a great job. I made the second pair.

Robin ducking the camera while she works on the black and white shorts.

Modeling the giraffe print shorts I made for her.

And the little stuffed giraffe she wanted made out of the scraps.

She spent a lot of time on her electronic media playing games on my iPad, video chatting and texting with her friends...

all at the same time.

She got a grow your own mineral crystals kit a couple of years ago so she did one of those.

She made a peach pie

and a cake...

with eyeballs.

She tried to sneak up on Little Bunny Foo Foo.

She made lots of bracelets.

Robin at the sewing machine making a bag to hold all her goodies. Since she is at the picture avoidance stage, I had to go into stealth mode.

When I picked Robin up in the city, we went to several area nurseries because I was looking for a couple of specific things. Every place we went, she was drawn to the cactus so one day we went to visit a friend in Boling who grows cactus and succulents (future post). 

He sent her off with three cacti of her own.

It was a fun week while she stayed up all night and I dragged her out of bed in the mornings and was over too fast.


  1. A young girl who will never be bored. Such activity and liveliness bodes well for her future.

    Lucky granny.

  2. oh, she's adorable! and beautiful. and talented. i'd enjoy hanging around her - if i could keep up with her! :)

  3. And I thought I was a multi tasker for simultaneously starting the computer back-up at work and answering the phone!
    Great grand daughter! But you already know that.

  4. She's such a pretty girl! But I understand camera avoidance. LOVE LOVE LOVE the giraffe! So cool! So now Robin has to make a penguin for me - ha!

  5. You are lucky she is so industrious and talented. Makes me think I better start planning for my own grandkids visits.

  6. What a wonderful time!
    You are both blessed
    Loved the little giraffe!
    And her shorts

  7. I am exhausted- whew! I want to go to Granny camp! So love all that was produced- especially the giraffe out of scraps- so cool! You are the BEST granny in the universe!WOW!

  8. Okay, that's it. I want one week reserved next year for Granny Camp for me!!!!

  9. Sounds like a terrific trip, and one she will long remember. I love the stuffed giraffe, but that multi-tasking on the computer devices gives me a headache even this far away. :)

  10. I want a piece of pie. And a conversation with that sunny giraffe. A girl who puts eyeballs in her cake has a place of honor in my book ;-)

    What a fun time, indeed!

  11. I'm always amazed that the youngsters can do as many electronic things at once as they do. And Mine craft is so cool.
    Glad you had a busy, fun visit with Robin. Whew. Oma Linda

  12. Second on the cake. Big piece of Argus Cake for me, please.

  13. What a great kid. I am very impressed by her ability to sew, make jewelry,bake, and manage a desk full of electronics. AND she likes cacti. How cool is that.

  14. She's a multi talent.. just like her granny. I can see your face in hers, Ellen. A definite resemblance.


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