Monday, June 10, 2013

a day's work

I spent the entire day out working in the yard yesterday. There was a hope of rain, which never really materialized. It was sunny when I went out about 9 AM with dark clouds on the horizon and rumbling in the distance.

Eventually the cloud cover reached us and the rumbling got louder. Then a strong cool wind blew up. I could see the rain in the distance but it never really reached us. What it did, though, was to keep the day cool enough for me to get a lot accomplished. At one point I was starting to notice the edges of the lightning flash and the thunder rumbles were coming closer so I went in for a short break.

I tackled the far end of the long flower bed behind the shop digging up the weeds and evening primrose that had invaded it and adding some good dirt and getting it all mixed in. Friday, I had worked on the far middle section (still have the near middle section but I imagine it will wait til fall). I moved stuff to different locations, I planted 4 or 5 things that had been holding in pots, I moved other pots around, I spread mulch everywhere, I put in some periwinkles for the summer that I got a great deal on at the feed store, I fertilized the azaleas for the third and last time for the year. There's more I'm sure.

Since it lightly sprinkled off and on all day, by the time I went in about 6 PM it looked like I had been playing in the mud all day, which in a way, I had been though it never rained hard enough to get more than the surface of anything wet.

I know it sounds like a lot of work and it was but it's the kind of work I like to do. I don't mind physical labor, I guess I actually like it, so while my body got a workout, my spirit also got one.

Before my shower I told Marc that my shorts would probably need to be soaked in a pre-wash.

Nah,” he says, “I'm just planning on burning the clothes you wore today.”

After my shower, I could barely move though I did manage a stroll around to view the results of all my work. It all looks nice but, man, are my hands and back sore today.

I didn't take any 'before' photos so you won't really be able to tell what I did but here's some 'after' pictures:


  1. Ooh I know...I've been working in my yard for 2 weeks. My whole body aches, but am so happy with the results. Yours look wonderful and I can tell from the pics that it's been hard too...but, it looks great!
    I'm just about done for time being...summer heat is on its way.

  2. Mike was pretty creaky after trimming the hedges on Saturday - it's hard work! And I'm too short to help with most of it (plus there's the "Dana would probably accidentally trim the power cord" factor).

  3. laughing at him burning your clothing! i should do that sometimes! :)

  4. No before needed; we have personal first hand knowledge. You certainly got around. Good job.

  5. Good old fashioned physical labor is its own reward. I am so thankful that I am still healthy enough to get up off the ground when I am done! Good job!!

  6. I think the older I get, the more grateful I am for the ability to work outside. I may be slower at it and I may hurt more when it's over but damn. I can still do it. And the results please me, just as I am sure yours do you. Looks great!

  7. love the yard work....wish I still could hang in as long as I used to but oh well. Your yard looks great.....Oma Linda

  8. We got all your hope for rain down in New York, and probably the hopes of a few other hundred people, too. It has been coming down on us for two days... I hope it gets better soon.

    Your yard looks amazing. My pots are shaking with good old envy ;-)

  9. That DOES sound like a lot of work, but the results look terrific! I miss having a yard, though maybe I wouldn't want one quite as large as yours. :)

  10. Gardening is such hard work! Even managing my few little garden chores is exhasuting.

    I think it's hilarious that you threatened just to burn your clothes. Or shred them and add to the compost?

  11. You are strong!
    Now, get some rest, you've earned it.


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