Friday, June 7, 2013

Little Bunny Foo Foo

There is a young little rabbit that has been hanging around the last couple of days. I say it's a young rabbit because it looks that way to me but I suspect it is fully grown. I see rabbits every year when they venture out of the Wild Space and into my neighbor's expanse of yard to graze but usually they stay far away.

This little bunny seems to have taken up residence under the old abandoned trailer in my neighbor's yard and yesterday early evening I ventured out into the Little Back Yard and the little bunny foo foo was right there on the other side of the gate between it and the iron fence section at the near end of the garden perhaps wondering if my flower beds and garden might be a little bunny foo foo buffet.

It retreated to the space between the end of the garden and the trailer.

A little while later we fixed our drinks and were sitting at our new outdoor table on our new outdoor chairs and bunny foo foo was still grazing away. Only a short time after that, little bunny foo foo was sniffing at the edge of the garden.

Hey! Marc shouted to no effect. So then he gets up and makes a false start like he's going to run at it. Still no reaction. The little rabbit doesn't seem to understand it is supposed to be afraid. Marc finally got within about 12' or 15' from it before it decided to run off, but only about 10' or so. He finally ran it off where it took shelter near the trailer.

Less than 10 minutes later it was back only this time at the near end of the garden, close to the gate into the Little Back Yard.

Where's the cat when you need her?

Although I would be heartbroken if she actually caught it and killed it but I think there is little chance of that so I rousted her out of the garage where she was cooling herself on the concrete in the shade.

The bunny took one look at the cat in my arms and took off for the safety of the trailer, where it sat while Emma took up station on the near corner of the garden.

guard kitty

unfazed bunny

stealth mode

unfooled bunny

Eventually we , including the cat, got bored with the stand-off and went and admired the sunset.

Little bunny foo foo has been out all day, resting under or grazing in the grass around the old rusting trailer. It will let me get as close as 15' or so before it starts exhibiting nervousness.

I haven't seen it come close to the garden today though.


  1. Aren't they fun? My neighbor has lots with many babies. Only the foolish venture into my yard. Lucy, my Cairn Terror (oops, Terrier) doesn't allow birds or rabbits in our yard. She recently, proudly...brought in a baby rabbit she had been "playing" with...ugh!

  2. wonder if she's got some babies under that trailer! loved your guard cat! about as effective as my pups against squirrels these days...

  3. they can eat through a garden fast, I have had a few friends

  4. Yeah, I bet that rabbit would make quick work of your garden! Clearly he really wants it!

  5. I have a herd of bunnies. LOL
    Aren't they cat here to they range all over the property.

  6. They will be happy to eat up your veggies before harvest, or anytime. Can't blame them.
    Your cat is a lot like mine, nothing bothers her.

  7. Good save. Bunnies bite peppers. Cats don't. A watchful summer ahead.

  8. while bunnies are cute, they can also do so much harm....not only to plants but also to cats, dogs.....we had a cat who was taken down by a rabbit once. Those back hopper legs of theirs can really inflict some nasty gouges.
    Glad that it is a stand off. Oma Linda

  9. It had to have been somebody's pet, which means that it's time is probably limited because if a cat--maybe your cat--doesn't get it, something else sure will. We lost two rabbits to raccoons, and that was the end of having rabbits for us because, cute as they are, we didn't find them terribly interesting.

  10. We had a pretty big rabbit in our yard last week - but I'll bet it won't be back. There's a cat that likes to stalk our birds (ineptly, but still he's a deterrent). I hope all the critters stay away from my flowers (I'm talking to YOU squirrels!).

  11. Ha... what a fun post. I love the arrows and the commentary. Too funny. I had a young rabbit feasting on my front yard grass a few weeks back. Eventually, I'll get around to posting photos.


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