Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Not much time for reading and commenting when the grandkids are here. If they haven't commandeered my computer then they have commandeered my attention.

I've missed several of every blog's posts I'm sure. When my stream separates from the main channel, I tend to just join up downstream again although I have tried to catch up a bit the last two days.

I have a few minutes right now while we are waiting for the time to leave for the movie so I thought I'd post of few of the pictures that are piling up.

Yesterday we bought $75 worth of ariel fireworks. Last night we saw on the news that the county instituted a burn ban and banned all ariel fireworks. Great. They couldn't have done that on Monday?

Looks like this is the only fireworks we will have tomorrow. gomphrena 'fireworks'

Saw my first baby anole this morning. This little guy was about 2” tip to tail.

I dug up some of the red arum lilies from the Houston house about a month ago. Some for me and some to trade with a fellow gardener for some pink ones. I didn't know if they would bloom since I dug them up at the wrong time of year but this is the first of at least two bloom stalks.

My friend Phyllis who moved to New Orleans gave me a very small volunteer from her white orchid tree before she left. It was about 12” tall. It's now about 3' tall and 4' wide, still in a (progressively bigger) pot because I can't decide where to plant it.

One of the snails in my yard. This one is about 3/4” long.

The wrens built a nest in the ladder that hangs on the wall of the future shop. Three little babies in the nest.

Out of time, gotta go.


  1. i'm surprised by your very late burn ban! our county will be too stubborn to stop the fireworks sales and will risk fires... *sigh*

  2. The little wrens are so charming. They certainly are making a lot of noise in that picture.

  3. Beautiful photos. Send some of the sun over here!

  4. I am so glad you are finding a little time to take such lovely pictures and to share them.

  5. Love that gomphrena, want some .I have planted a lot of varieties.

  6. Awwww. Baby wrens!

    Your lovely flowers are fireworks enough. I guess you'll have to wait for rain before you can use the ones you bought?

  7. You have much beauty around you.

    Enjoy granny-time.

  8. I'm glad you get to do things with the grands, even if you don't write. You'll tell us eventually.

    That's kind of terrible about the banning. I wonder if the shop would take returns. Probably not.

    I love, love, love your yards. the little waiting for food made me smile ;-)

  9. Those flowers are crazy beautiful!

  10. Just catching up with your blogness! Every post fabulous- love the hiding young man- I so remember that age! Little lizard, little snail, little birds and huge blossoms! You have got it all!

  11. The pictures do pile up! That's why I post so many on FB.

    The anole is so cute!

    May the force be with you through the gkid visits!

  12. Aww, cute wrens! We have orchid trees with purple flowers here in Florida -- they look just like yours but with different colored blooms. You probably have them there too. I've never seen a white one. I love arum lilies, too.


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