Wednesday, July 24, 2013

that might not have been true after all

It's been brought to my attention that I have a couple of retractions to make.

First concerning a picture of these flowers:

These are not arum lilies. They are crinum lilies. Arum lilies are calla lilies.

Second, alas, I am not descended from Danish royalty after all. You may remember this post, you can just call me Princess from now on. It seems, after further research by my sister, that the fourth generation forbear, Eadnoth 'The Staller' of Somerset, was not a son of the King of Denmark but rather the guy that was married to the king's illegitimate daughter. Which also makes the three generations before him not my forbears. Poot. That was pretty colorful.

While I am still a part of the nobility, still have the castle (though I never got around to the third post on my progenitors and the castle), I am not a princess. Darny darn darn.

So, not a princess but something even better, though not a direct line.

Fast forward to 17th century Virginia, same family line (the Harding name begins with Eadnoth's son), to a many great uncle. William Harding was charged and convicted of sorcery* and was whipped and banished from Virginia** (though not before he pays all his debts and court fees). It's then that the family name changes from Harding to Hardin.

Edit: it has been pointed out that I am still related to the danish king even if from the wrong side of the sheets, so I suppose the 'princess' still holds.

*I found this footnote***: 'In Northumberland County in November 1656, David Lindsaye, brought accusations against William Harding for “witchcraft, sorcery, etc.'


*** “Under an Ill Tongue”: Witchcraft and Religion in Seventeenth-Century Virginia by Lindsey M. Newman. Page 74, footnote 217


  1. not a princess, but maybe have some sorcery to share? :)

  2. Dang!!! I wanted to say that I knew a princess... Anyway, planning any trips to Virginia??? Thinkin I'd avoid that state.

  3. So cool! You should be proud.

    No - you are not a princess. Definitely not!

    I think Eadnoth is the coolest name ever. They should have named the British prince Eadnoth.

  4. You mean you're a bastard princess? Even better!

    Regular princesses are boring.

  5. LOL @ Reya's comment about the British prince!

    If you're not related to the king through Eadnoth, you're still related via his illegitimate daughter, aren't you? Or did I read that wrong?

    I suppose all of us are connected to someone colorful if we just go back far enough. I haven't heard tell of any sorcerers in my family, though. You may have me beat there.

  6. True, still related through the illegitimate daughter but I don't think it gives me any claim to the throne.

  7. He left at a good time in Virginia's history. Now they have billboards posted at all interstate entries announcing the prison terms for various convictions. My own state just says Welcome to Ohio.

  8. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I really see you as more of a sorcerer than a princess. Sorry!

  9. My goodness Ellen, should I be acquainted with someone of questionable ancestry like you?

    Actually, an awful lot of the nobility stems from blankets with the wrong side showing. You’re in good company.

    I like the witchery ancestor even better.


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