Sunday, July 28, 2013

back in the saddle

Well, the visits from the grandkiddos are done and so I've been back to work this past week.

After that relatively pleasant week during the last visit, highs only in the low 90s, it's back to being summer out there. Hot sun, hot wind, short forays outside, the AC has been on non-stop lately instead of turning it off for a few hours every morning so it's been easy, or rather, easier, to stay indoors and attend to work things.

I wrote two proposals last week, revising one after getting more feedback. The first, we may or may not do. It's a budget request for a dividing wall and a wall mounted piece so the agency that made the request may not even have the job yet.

The second one, though, I think we have a good chance of doing. This is for the glass wall and doors of a conference room and jobs from this design professional usually do happen.

I also finally got the pattern drawn, an oval, for the glass for the current commission, a wall mounted piece of their logo for a local bank. We did a couple of them about 7 years ago when they first opened. Now they have a new branch.

We've also been preparing the next four 'boteros' for casting. Three molds are made and the last wax is set up for the mold. Hopefully we'll be casting those soon. Today I plan on doing the volume measure on the molds so I know how much glass each one needs.

Still need to finish the peach box. I've made a new latex reproduction mold for the peach pit feet because I wasn't really satisfied with the waxes I pulled from the first one. The main hold-up, however, is the casting of the peach inlay. I only get one shot at that and I want to do a test or two with the colored powders and frits so I need to make a couple of quick clay models roughly the same size and shape.

OK, I can see everyone's eyes glazing over now.


  1. The amount of technical knowledge amassed over the lifetime an artist is simply mind boggling.

    I've watched porcelain artist friends get white hair; their girls are grown and in their own professions. They say they've just hit their stride.

  2. laughing at your last comment. yup, don't understand how you do it. just like the results. :)

  3. No, no, no. You can talk about your artwork all day long and I would never be bored. I love it. I really like the new molds and am anxious to see the peach pit if you can get it done the way you like it.

    Cool job on the bank. We'll say a prayer you get both.

    Take care and try and stay coooool.


  4. The process of glass making baffles me, Labour intensive and the results you get are mind boggling. Oh , and I SO love your shrooms in the yard! Beautiful and probably tasty. If I did a quarter of the stuff you do in a day I would have to go on a restore vaca!

  5. You do fascinating work. I can't imagine how the process is even conceived. Clay.. and eyes glazing over.. funny you.

  6. Not glazing over, but awed at what you do!

  7. I am always in awe of your art work - well - and your gardening, and your musing about whatever is right in front of you.

    Glad you're staying cool!

  8. "OK, I can see everyone's eyes glazing over now."

    Not mine. Glazed over about an hour ago, after spending three packing powder and frit into two molds for firing.I, uh, really should do what you do, and run some color tests first, but... can't be disciplined at everything.

    i figure, if given another fifty years, I just might get good at this glass casting stuff.

  9. That warm has been tough, my worst bill forever.

  10. I am eager to see that Peach Box when it's finished. I'm impressed that you recast the peach pit feet because you weren't satisfied the first time. I guess that kind of diligence is what makes good art great, isn't it?!


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