Wednesday, August 8, 2012


4.75” x 3.75”

I finally had to just put it down.

I was over working it, the last hour spent making a repair. The scale I was working in made it impossible to get the kind of surface I wanted everywhere. The details of the piece also made it impossible.

Eventually, I have to surrender. I am not god. I cannot make it perfect. It's as good as it's going to get.

People ask me how long it takes to make stuff. This model, which is only one element of a larger piece, has 5, 10, guess is 16 to 18 hours in it. I don't keep close track of the time.

Of course, that's just making the model. Next it has to be invested in the plaster/silica mold material, the wax melted out (there goes that 18 hours of work), the mold filled with frit, put in the kiln and fired.

And hoping that it casts well.

They don't always.

This little sculpture is a major part of the peach box. If it doesn't cast well, I won't be inclined to try and make the model again, at least not anytime soon, so the immediate future of this piece hangs on the outcome.

I have the basic box built and am making a latex mold of the largest peach pit I could find (I've been eating a lot of peaches). Curiously enough, peach pits are basically the same size regardless of the size of the peach.

Next is the peach inlay.

Oh, and good news. We finally received the deposit check for both the 16' x 9' walls. More on that later.


  1. Nobody really appreciates how long a good piece takes to make do they?

  2. My experience has been that if you work on it too long, you suck all the life out of it. The weekend warrior sculptor I work for does that constantly, so I've a good example to avoid.

  3. I wonder how often artists must say, "I can't make it perfect"? I've thought about this many times, so interesting to see those words in your post:). I like it when you show the progression of your projects. Trying to imagine what the peach inlay will look like.

  4. That question! I hated it. I finally learned to answer "From the time I start until the time I finish."

    The peach box will be beautiful.

  5. Long ago I learned to embrace my imperfection (what IS a straight line anyway) - at least in creative endeavors. I know that's a lost cause anyway. Now, my bank reconciliation has to be to the penny - that's something I have some control over LOL.

  6. imperfections make objects into art

  7. With paints or fabric - one can fudge a little (cheat) but with the thing you do- it seems it must be correct from the get go!
    Oh, and the tomatoes that grew so red were grown a little bit north of here where the sunshine shines more. Curious- we call it the Deming banana belt. I had a little farm out there back in the day and could grow peppers and eggplant and artichokes. With all of the dark days and rain and cold I think that the organic farmers probably used little hot house bottles initially. Anyway, Lots of independent farmers here with sensibilities and care.

  8. An artist's time!! How it runs through our fingers like water..l.seconds and minutes ticking away and no way to recoup the value. No way!!
    This box is going to be fabulous and congrats on the deposit! Woot!!

  9. Very interesting - can't wait to see the final product. I didn't know a peach pit was the same size no matter how big the peach is. You learn something new every day.


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