Tuesday, August 21, 2012

my fight or flight has been active all day

A few pics from around the yard while I fret over getting started on this big job.

I spied these strange little spores? eggs? coming off the stem of my moonflower vine. They are actually only about 3/16” long. I have no idea what they are.

The anoles and geckos have started to hatch and I spied this little guy on one of the azaleas. It couldn't have been more than an inch from the tip of its nose to it hind legs.

The morning glory bush finally started blooming. True to its name, the flowers open in the morning and close by noon.

The orb weaver is still hanging out in the same spot though it does reposition the web now and then.

I have several clumps of these swamp lilies that I transplanted from the Houston house but this is the only one that blooms so far.

We finally got our deposit on Aug. 6 and have made some progress towards getting the rented shop ready. I had initially told them that we would need at least two weeks once we got our deposit to get the place ready. Essentially, we have to start from scratch with tables and a temporary sandblast booth and the air compressor and air delivery system. We've made some progress but here at the end of the two weeks we still have not had them deliver the glass.

Part of the problem is that when I laid out the time period, we had a clear calendar. So of course, the deposit came in the worst possible month and the worst possible timing. Because we don't have a clear calendar for the month of August.

Someone beat them to the punch as far as deposits go so we have had to work on that job and I also, weeks before we got funded, agreed to dog sit for my sister while she goes to visit her stepson and his family the 22 – 28. Realistically, it's going to be the end of the month before we can schedule them to bring the glass. Perhaps the beginning of next week at the earliest. But after that, we should be on track.


  1. i can feel your apprehension coming through. i'm sure once you get going, though, it will be fine. i know enough about you to know you're a perfectionist and you probably worry about every possible thing. but i'd be the same way. :)

  2. Curious- the spore things...and the tiniest little lizard. Apprehension to me is seasonal...and political.

  3. Despite the building job-related pressure, you managed to photograph some amazing images. Not sure what a moonflower is, but those little thingies are super cool.

  4. I've never seen a morning glory BUSH -- only morning glories on a vine. Interesting! And I love your spider.

    I have NO IDEA what those eggs are. Bizarre.

  5. I always try to have a calendar of clarity and then life happens... dogs and checks and deliveries :). WHAT are those gorgeous little spores?

  6. Love the little gecko - we used to call them chit-chat's in Hong Kong (they make a tiny little chit-chat noise) used to lie awake at night watching them dash across the ceiling to gobble up mosquitos!

  7. Well Praise God for the deposit, It will work out just fine!!
    Can't wait to see it

  8. The spider picture, though extremely creepy... is beautiful. All the different colors. And the thick section of the web underneath. Excellent capture!!

  9. It's their own fault for waiting so long to make a decision & then get you the money. So there!

    Love all the pictures. I would love to have a swamp lily, but seeing as how we currently live in a desert...

  10. You could be a nature photographer, Ellen. Well, you are, actually! I saw that orb weaver on the Cape last week. Had never before seen a spider like that. Scared me to death. But I took a picture, too, and looked it up on the internet to find that it is an ordinary garden spider. Looks anything but ordinary! Odd to see you have a similar photograph.

    Good luck getting back on track. :)

  11. Lacewing eggs--that's a wonderful picture of something common most people never see. Lacewing larvae are voracious, and the long stalks space the new-hatched larvae are far enough away from one another that they aren't able to eat their siblings.

    (Wikipedia has some more handsome photos of lacewing life stages.)

  12. Strange little spores, those.. but quite lovely.

    I hope you'll be able to work out your schedule. I'm sure they know that you are worth the wait.


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