Monday, August 6, 2012

can it be so?

It was overcast yesterday morning with dark clouds in the distance so I took advantage of it and worked out in the yard some. I cleared out the long gone by rocket larkspur that had gone to seed months ago from two small areas. I trimmed the water sprouts off some of the crepe myrtles and one of the tallows.

My neighbor Frank of the Bountiful Garden saw me and came over with a shirt full of okra he had just picked. It's the only thing left in his garden now. Everything else has been pulled up to prepare it for the fall planting.

After I finished trimming the crepe myrtles and clearing out all the small raintrees from under the cedar, I tackled my own garden pulling out the spent tomato plants, freeing the cages and storing them away til next spring. We had planted some Roma tomatoes this year and they were a huge disappointment. They grew overly large but were dry and green inside. We finally quit picking them, letting the stink bugs have them while they rotted on the vines so it was a pretty squishy affair.

A loud clap of thunder announced the impending rain that was moving in my direction so I finished up and came inside totally drenched and not from the rain which hadn't started yet. Sweat just rolls off me now post-menopause.

Later, in the early evening after the rain had stopped I strolled around outside. Two wet bedraggled looking mississippi kites were perched on the high wire drying off. The one on the left had been holding it's wings out.

This golden orb weaver was clinging to her battered web.

The retreating storm gave us a beautiful sunset.

I liked the way the light reflected off the metal siding of the shop.

This morning, I went around and saw the spider had repaired her web.

Last week, my friend Reya over in Washington DC posted about feeling a hint of fall in the air, a notion at which I scoffed heartily. But you know, out there this morning, I think I felt it too.

Just the tiniest, barest hint.


  1. No hint of fall here :). 90s and 100s in the forecast. Tomato hasn't even given more than 1 flower yet :(. Heat just got here a few weeks ago.

    HAh! I have much to learn. I assumed a Mississippi Kite would reveal a colorful piece of fabric draped across the line, but noooo :). Bird. I guess they don't make it to Washington!

  2. Fall? Nah. I need my full summer days, for as long as possible. I get so few of them, anyway.
    I feel bad for all of you who have temperatures in the 100's and look for relief. We get so little sun that even a 60+ day is glorious summer.

  3. No hint here either. And I can't believe how green your grass is! Ours is still extremely dead.

    Cool spider :)

  4. Orb spiders are just greatest, aren't they. We haven't seen one for years. Fall hasn't given us a hint, yet. I just mentioned to my granddaughter this morning that one stretch of road smelled like woods. That's OK with me; fall smells nice, but can wait.

  5. perhaps it was just wishful thinking on my part but there seemed to be a different quality about it than just a bit of cooling off from the rain. it's supposed to get in the mid-90s today and yesterday's rain will guarantee high humidity. And August is our hottest month.

  6. I almost wish it were all over and winter was upon me. Bad day, today. My garden has yeilded very little this year. I usually am feeling quite smug by now with peas and tomatoes and beans filling my freezer. None of that is happening this year.

  7. The spider creeps me out, but everything else about this post is lovely ... even the stink bugs feasting on bad tomatoes.

    What a sunset! Wow.

  8. I love it when the air begins to change. It IS a very subtle thing. We're just beginning to harvest our tomatoes, I suppose because we're so far north of you.

    Love the sunset reflection on that wall!

  9. Over here summer has barely started - don't start mentioning autumn.

  10. I have been "feeling" it too!! Yuck

  11. Lovely shots, i enjoyed the spider. The change in season there is fun to hear, I am just getting lots of tomatoes.I always like to grow a variety of them.Okra is one thing I haven't had this year, a favorite with me and my kids.


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