Tuesday, August 14, 2012

kitty baby

When I got back from my walk and watering the plants this morning, this message from my daughter was waiting for me:

*sigh* must you be right about everything? That cat had a kitten last night. Luckily, just one.

My daughter and her family have two dogs and two cats, all four of which are rescues. Both the dogs are male but the cats are one of each. The girl cat is an inside cat while the boy cat has access to the outdoors. None of their animals are fixed. Along with the four animals, my daughter has four kids and with the poor economy, sterilization for the animals has not been a high priority.

A couple of weeks ago, the grandgirls were complaining about how fat their cat had become. All she does is lay around and eat they said.

We were face-timing.

'Show me the kitty' I told her, so she did. 'No, not fat. She's pregnant.'

'Oh, Granny, she can't be pregnant', they told me.


So, last Saturday while we were in town talking to my daughter...

'You know that cat's pregnant.'

'Oh, mom, she's just fat. She eats her food and Oreo's food.'

'How old is she?' I asked.

She did some quick figuring, 'about a year'.

Me: 'She's pregnant.'

Her: 'She can't be pregnant, if she was in heat we'd have known it.'

Told you so, I messaged her back.

Uh huh. Middle of the night, screaming girls, Robin totally freaking out. Happened practically in her arms. Joy joy.

edit:  the second baby has arrived.


  1. Some things are just so very obvious and yet, not, at the same time. You just have to have the eyes to see. And you did.

  2. Well thank goodness it was just the one! I'll bet it will be totally precious & cute... And then it will turn into the cat monster that it really is (I only like cats in theory - ha!).

  3. Very sweet! But they need to get her fixed asap.

  4. Woops. Lucky it's just one. They should ask about cheap neutering deals at the local shelter. The mama cat will be in heat again within the month.

    Anyway, HA! We both have kittens in our lives right now!

  5. Little mama is a pretty calico. Hope your kids can see their way clear to have her neutralized. Er, neutered.

  6. Welcome to the world little kitten.

    Do you think they will listen to you next time?

  7. there are 'free' clinics here for spaying and neutering. Donations accepted. I reckon if you can not afford to have animals, find some one who can. That said, my heart is melting over the little momma and baby! Who could resist, really.

  8. When my boys were little, they wanted hamsters. The pet store assured me that they were both males...sure enough, we ended up with babies???!!! We have free clinics around here in KC too...good luck!

  9. New life is always beautiful.

  10. Two, huh? Hope that's it. But, oh how precious! The kids will want to keep the kittens ......
    My camp cat is growing like a weed. And I am totally smitten with him, the dogs love him, too!

  11. Awww, poor things. Time to sterilize the pets! I hope they find good homes for the kitties. (I've never heard of a litter of just one -- I'm not surprised a second one arrived. There may be more!)

  12. The kids never never listen..do they?

  13. Maybe you could put up a donation thingy on your blog. People could add to it for your d's cat's .. all four of them ... to be fixed.

    I know there are low cost placea around my place. Don't know where your d lives but if you could do the donation box on your blog .. maybe you could get enough money from it to get the four cats fixed.

    Just an idea .. but, she does need to save for them to be fixed.

  14. Oops! How many are there now?

    A quick visit to the vet or animal shelter is in order, methinks.

  15. Oh, gosh, that's too bad, cute and sweet though kittens are.

  16. Ohhhh.. times two! Granny knows best. So sweet. :)


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