Wednesday, June 27, 2012

grandkid visits - week 2

When I dropped off Jade, Robin had her stuff in the truck in a flash and off we went.

Robin, the youngest, is 11 this year and will be making the transition to middle school in the fall. She was pretty quiet while she was here, calling her mom just about every day. She loves her mom.

We played Gin and Rummikub, both at which she beat me consistently, though I did manage one win or two.

We made monsters.

She made a strawberry pie and helped with dinner.

We sewed. Of the three girls, Robin is best at the sewing machine.

We went to see Brave.

We picked figs from my neighbor Frank's trees.

She watched a lot of TV on my computer.

We had a lot of fun and the week was up in no time. Took her home Tuesday and returned with Autumn.


  1. It really is a great time to be had with grand kids, right? Not that I would know, but I do have 14 nieces and nephews.

    The fig continues to elude me. I don't know why it has avoided me my entire life. I want to try a fig, but I can never ever find it anywhere near where I am. It does not seem to want me near it. This makes me sad. Maybe I ought to grow my own fig tree.

  2. she's adorable. she reminds me a lot of my niece, ellen. looks a lot like her at that age, and she was quiet, too. not a sewer, though. :)

  3. What a grand gift you are giving your grand kids!

  4. I see a your face in Robin's. She's a lovely girl. What a joy for you to have this one on one time with each of them. And for them, also, of course.

  5. Nice work--sewing, baking and modeling. My 13 year old is the quietest. She's third in the family. Smart, but quiet.

  6. Love her top - & she's awfully cute modeling it. And I love the monsters, and, of course, PIE.

    What did you think of Brave?

  7. Robin looks so much like you. Love what she created and the pie looks way too good. Lucky girls to have you - cool Grandmother!

  8. Just scrolling through, catching up - love all the projects you have been up to!

  9. Robin does look proficient on the sewing machine & in the kitchen. Love that she made slits in the pie with her name.

  10. I love it that you do these individual grand kid visits - what a wealth of happy memories for them! I remember you writing about them last year as well - and here they are again, growing more adult and just beautiful.

  11. I want to come visit for a week. You have so much fun! Love the monsters!! And that pie looks delicious.


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