Sunday, June 3, 2012

shop girl

Working at the antique store every day leaves me little time to do much else. I've been taking model making stuff and working on my current botanica erotica wax which I think I am nearly satisfied with now. I also finished cleaning up an oleander bowl wax. And I have plenty of time to read and comment on blogs. The browser on the computer at the store doesn't play nicely with blogger though so I can't really post.

Today is my day off and I only have, oh, about a million things to do on that one day. I have three azaleas that are in desperate need of planting, 20 ears of corn that need putting up, the oleander bowl mold to fill, and finish up my W post.

OK, not a million. Half a million.

Monday I'm back in the city for another meeting for these now mythical walls, still all talk and no action. I am showing the new samples of the more detailed version of the mountain and the design team is going to pin up the full size drawing in four sections. These samples are much bigger and heavy, 18” x 24” and 18” x 30” on 3/8” glass. Marc made me a nifty little dolly to cart them around on.

And then Tuesday finds me back at the shop for four more days. It's been very quiet this week with no sales at all the last two days. But at least people came in.

So I try to check the garden in the morning and evening, picking fruit and picking off bugs, cutting away and removing the decaying material. It all goes in the compost pile with the intent of returning it as mulch the next time. The tomatoes are finally starting to ripen.

The female cardinal that built her nest in the rose bush on the fence by the gate to the Little Back Yard continues to sit on her eggs. She's getting pretty used to me. She won't fly away now unless I get too close or go through the gate. I try not to go through the gate. This is the second cardinal nest in a rose bush I saw this year. The first was out in the bush in the day lily bed but one day she and her eggs were gone.

Update: one baby bird now in the nest. Looks like it just hatched. The other egg was pushed out and I found it on the ground. I tried to get a picture since mom wasn't sitting on the nest but dad was very unhappy with me so I just shoved the camera in and snapped. Not a very good effort as you can see.


  1. 'now mythical walls' UGH! i hate this process for you! it better come to fruition!!!

  2. Awww I'm looking forward to more baby cardinal images if they stick around.

  3. I hate the mythical walls! Well, not the walls, but the mythic nature of them. Hope they become REAL walls soon.

    Our cardinals are VERY rackety these days. Well, the sparrows & robins are too - and the doves - it's just pretty darn noisy in our back yard.


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