Thursday, June 14, 2012

just a note...

teen in residence

It's summer, school is out and that means it's time for the individual visits by the grandkids. Jade is here this week and we are busy with craft projects. No sewing clothes this year but she had a list of projects, a list of necessary supplies, had saved the instructional videos for me to watch, and a menu for the week. She is, at 14, a very organized young woman.

I imagine when we take her home we'll bring another back with us. Usually we like to have a week in between visits but we are still expecting/hoping to be working soon. After two years of hardly any commissions things are getting a little dicey. It's a good thing the garden has done so well this summer.

Still no forward motion on the two big walls which I have been consulting on, doing proposals and samples for, going to meetings for since January. The last meeting I went to Monday the 4th, my liaison told me that they had solved all the structural engineering problems and all the pertinent drawings had been received that morning so I expected to hear something by now. I sent him an email this morning and he copied me his inquiry to the contractor/project manager asking her to give me an update. Still have heard nothing by the end of the day.

I have another troubling little thing that I'm not ready to write about. Well, I am ready to write about it but I won't until I hear the final outcome which I should be notified of soon.

Anyway, I won't have time to post much or come around and visit or comment much for the next several weeks.

Y'all don't forget about me.


  1. i had thought of you just today. you're always so good about catching up on my posts and i hadn't seen you in a while - okay, and i also saw a copperhead earlier this week and they now make me think of you. :)

    anyway, enjoy the grands' visits! sounds like you really take measures to spend quality time with each and i respect that a lot. i'll gladly let you skip my posts. :)

  2. There's a menacing ring to this post, as if that as yet unspoken thing/event could work out for good or ill.

    I hope things improve for you on the work front. I too have been remiss with my visits throughout the blogosphere but it's good to see you again.

  3. No way you could be forgotten. I was just thinking about you and those large walls this afternoon and here you are. I'm planning my birdhouse and your work came to mind. If only I could do anything near as nice.
    Good luck with the new "thing."

  4. I understand granddaughter is coming over for a week starting Monday. She's almost 12 going on 18. Won't forget about you at all...just have fun! We'll all be here when you get back.

  5. Have a grat summer of kids and commissions and good garden eatin'. Keep well.

  6. Enjoy your not quiet times.

    My kids are home from their Universities, so I know how busy life can get.

  7. Think of you often and hope things break for you soon.
    Still waiting here as well.

  8. i miss the grandma visits with my kids, they made a lot of clothes for Barbie and themselves.

  9. Love your work Ellen. It's a shame art is taken so lightly. But, I guess it's always been that way.
    Be safe. Look to hear from you again soon.

  10. Hope you hear good news on ALL fronts soon. Have a great time with the g-kids!

  11. enjoy the grands!!
    and try not to worry too much about business, I know what a drain that can be

    could never forget about you :)

  12. Not a chance in hell I could forget about you. I hope all is well with whatever you're not ready to write about quite yet. Sending positive thoughts your way.


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