Sunday, October 2, 2011

finally fall

Last Thursday evening a storm front blew through here with gusts of up to 40 mph. The trees and shrubs were thrashing around and the temperature dropped over 20 degrees. The sky was dark and rumbling with thunder but the rain didn't make it this far.

Well, we had a rain of a different sort as the wind shook loose all the dead branches out of the trees. Since we had to spend the day in the city yesterday today we play 52 pick-up.

Today it's nice and cool out. It's enticing me out doors. There is so much work that needs to be done out there besides picking up the debris from the storm but collecting pecans is not one of the chores. No new pecans, green or otherwise, have fallen for weeks and I can't see any up in the trees. A slim crop this year from the drought and the squirrels seem to have gotten every one. I won't miss shelling pecans night after night but I'll sorely miss the nuts.

The work drought continues as well but I have renewed hope that it may lift soon. The art director from the church that has the two proposals has been in touch and hopes to have good news for us before the year is out.


I spent most the day outside, flitting from one little task to another. The day is just too nice to be indoors. Among other things we raised up and leveled the front yard bird bath. It wasn't high enough for me to be able to see the birds from my end of the couch.

We keep our eye out for our neighbor Frank. He's 83 I think. His wife and life companion for 64 years has been sick, in and out of hospitals and nursing homes for the last year or so, and she died last week. He's sort of lost. One of his grandsons is staying with him for now and his son comes over every day. One of us tries to go over and chat every day when we see him out in the yard.

He's always been out in his yard a lot tending his wonderful food garden or any of the many fruit trees he has or the roses that she loved, mending and doing repairs but now I see him out there just sitting sometimes. I went over to visit the other day.

I don't want to be inside, he tells me. I guess inside is too painful right now since she's not there. She's not there but her presence is all around him. Outside is better.

The next day...

It's downright chilly out there today and the morning is full of birdsong. Hard to believe just last week we had temps in the high 90s. This week mid to high 80s and still dry as a bone. I've never experienced a year so devoid of humidity here as I have this year. My aging skin which has always been on the dry side now looks much like parchment. Or perhaps leather with all the fine and not so fine wrinkles and cross hatching.

Another day to be spent outside after that long miserably hot summer.

Another day to watch for my neighbor Frank.


  1. you are sweet to look out for your neighbor as he is most certainly hurting...

    i have been using a lot of lotion this summer too to try to keep the skin hydrated. i just want rain, but my hopes are beginning to fade as the year gets later. we might have to wait until feb/mar now...

  2. You write beautifully.

    Kindness to the neighbor when he needs it so much, thank you. I can't imagine how lost he is.

    I shall hope for rain and work for all those who need it.

  3. A day to be outside here, too.
    I can't even imagine what it would be like to lose a partner of 64 years. I hope I never know. Let me go first.

  4. Our next door neighbor lost his wife awhile back as well. But because he is next door not across the street we don't see him come outside. We do try to get over to visit with him at least once a week. You are a dear to do so. I close my eyes and in a few years I hope someone visits with either SM or me.
    Rain, for so many it is the thing of wishful thinking and dreaming I fear. Crazy insulting weather this year.
    Oma LInda

  5. In all my years here we have never turned the heat on at the 1st of October. It is usually closer to November. It got down to almost freezing last night, so on it went.

    This has been a weird, weird weather year for everyone.

    I hope Frank will be okay. That is so sad and I can only imagine how much he misses her. He has good friends and family.

  6. Started with a sweater this morning, lots of color changes. I had the winds here, over 30 mph gusts. I had a good bonfire with the debris.

  7. And so it goes, one day after the other . . .

  8. You make me grateful for our humidity. Usually I just hate it but when I think about my skin it definitely does help. I'm happy fall is here also.
    Hopefully the church work will come through very soon.

  9. perhaps it'll rain all winter long and then the sun will be a friend you'd wish would come calling. it's so hard to know how all these events will balance out - and how long it will take to arrive at the balance. in the same way as we live with people, are filled by them and then they are gone and the emptiness of their absence balances the fullness of their presence. steven

  10. When somebody you love is suddenly gone, there is no such thing as balance, no in-betweeness. They leave a big space. They are here and then not here.

    You are good to be aware of your neighbor's pain, so good.

  11. So sorry you didn't get any of that rain. Of course, with all the thunder and lightning, we only got .12", so there you are. There are mutterings about a change in the patterns next week. We'll see. An inch a day for a week would be a lovely start.

    There are absences that can't be measured, holes that can't be filled. Still, we reach out. Thank you for doing that for your neighbor.

  12. 64 years. oh. My heart skips a beat. his must barely beat at all.

  13. It was a horrible summer for you, yes. It's even raining in Tanzania, a place where they experience terrible drought pretty much every year. Where is the rain for your corner of the landscape? Where??

  14. My heart goes out to Frank...glad you are tending his heart!!
    I hope you get good news soon about that possible project. Me..well I am still waiting as well.
    Have an art show coming up in Nov. So we will see
    Hugging you

  15. I'm glad Frank has you guys to help watch over him. I got married too late to have a 64 year marriage (I'd be 90 & Mike would be 95 - which I guess could happen).

    I'm glad the temps have cooled off even without the rain. Here's hoping your work does the inverse!


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