Thursday, October 6, 2011

continuing on

and now it's Thursday end.

I finished the moonflower box. I have given up on trying to come up with something that would go inside. Some of the boxes, their contents are a natural extension of the piece. Some I draw a complete blank so I think it's OK to have them be empty rather than force something in them. Waiting for someone else to fill. The two flower boxes are both like that. The moonflower and the hibiscus. Complete.

Now I have just one more to finish and all the boxes I have been working on will be done. I have one more to do but it may take months as I haven't even started and I want to do parts of it in bronze, like maybe the feet or maybe something else. It's going to be similar to the wren box only the inlay will be in colors instead of solid black. Oh and I have another one that's been popping into my head, a small one dedicated to the peach.

But right now, I'm working on the boteros. Get it? Botanica eroticas. hee hee, I'm so clever. I think I might call them that. Instead of the formal name. It's not quite so 'in your face' but has a subliminal sense to it. What I'd really like is for people to look at the finished pieces and leave feeling a little sexy and turned on without thinking they're looking at plant porn.

Also I like how it sounds spanish. That's not a real spanish word, is it? With a real meaning?

As it turns out, it is. It's the word for a man who works with leather to make bags for wine or a boatman.


I'll have to think about that.

Anyway, the molds for the next three blocks are made and ready to be filled so that's what I'm doing.

This one is a little deceiving because I'm working with striker colors here. The actual colors are pinks and reds. They'll change to their true colors after firing. I'm not really sure how this one is going to come out because I haven't used these colors in just this way before. We'll see.


  1. Wow! The Moonflower box is so perfectly beautiful! I love it. And yes, you are so very clever. :)

  2. very beautiful! you have a great talent. hard to explain, but i love to just look at and marvel at the talents of some. you would fall into that category.

  3. Beautiful, Ellen. not ever space needs to be filled. There is room. I like it like that.

  4. "spanish porn" cracked me up. Oops, boteros is a word. heehee

    The box is gorgeous. Will that being going in the gallery showing?

  5. The moonflower is wonderful Ellen - love your Spanish boatman!

  6. "It's the word for a man who works with leather to make bags for wine... I'll have to think about that."

    Sounds more like you need to drink about it.

  7. I like that you don't force something to be inside the box, let them be organic
    they're beautiful :)

  8. your moonflower box is enchanting! such delicate work!

  9. I like that the gorgeous box is empty, filled only with question.

  10. I am just amazed. What an artist you are! What a delicate craftswoman.

  11. Gorgeous! You're funny trying to coin a name. Makes me want to try, but I'm sure anything I come up with will be really goofy, like botica.

  12. Love the wit and the flower. I just giggled because I was tracing the petals on my screen lol

  13. Well, I love the fusion between botanic and erotica. And it reminds me of Botero, the famous Columbian artist whose exaggerated portraits are both charming and disturbing (at times). He's done lots of naked lady portraits.

    So... just a little word association there. ;)

    The box is beautiful.


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