Friday, October 21, 2011

Miss Hattie's Place

Friday I worked at the antique store and then the first three days of November I will also work.  I had to open the shop and handle any sales and phone calls, then close up and lock up.  My sister prepped me a couple of weeks ago when we thought I was going to work a day for her back then, but the jury call was canceled. So knowing me as she does, she had all the important info written down for me, everything I needed to know (where all the light switches are, how to write up a sale for the different vendors, how to handle it if someone wants to haggle, how to open the cash register).

I actually made two sales and helped one move out a drum table which my sister was thrilled that it sold. One of those pieces. You know what I mean. And it was.

I was talking to my daughter last night telling her that I would be working at the store today and getting paid.

"Wow, Mom," she says, "that's like a real job.  Have you ever had one of those before?"

Yes, actually I have but it's been many years.  In fact I think the last time I had a job where I had to show up and work for 8 hours a day every day was back in 1974.  I've been self-employed since then doing the artist thing.

It's a sign of just how bad the economy is now that I've never had to seek employment during all that time.  Never until now when I am most grateful for these few days in the store and hope they become fairly regular until things improve.

But if I have to have a 'real' job, working in the antique store is an OK one to have.  I'm surrounded by lots of cool stuff and I get a rare chance to interact with people.

Miss Hattie's Place is in one of the old buildings on the square and faces the courthouse that has recently been restored.

Besides some very nice furniture...

buffets, dressers, wardrobes, china and display cabinets, chairs, tables, and couches

you can shop for vintage costume jewelry

miniature tea sets

tin boxes and a Goofy pez dispenser

kitchen and farm implements

quilts and tablecloths

china and crystal

depression glass

a ceramic parrot and a blue glass pegasus

and just so much stuff...

As you can see, there is plenty of stuff to look at.


  1. Ellen I think that would be a great place to work. Miss Hatties Place looks very nice. It is my kind of store for sure. The one thing I miss about working is the customer interaction, so I hope you enjoy and get more hours. have a great weekend.

  2. Miss Hattie's looks like my house [tho' not as cluttered] with the depression glass, antique furniture, quilts, crystal and tins. Wow.

    I would have fun working there, but I can't stand the smell of musty stuff. It bothers my breathing. That's why I don't antique. I just wait for relatives to move or die. [Is that bad? giggle]

  3. If I have to stop freelancing, I pray I find a job doing something I love: at secondhand bookshop, a botanica, a store for witchy supplies...

    I'm so happy you got those days at Miss Hattie's Place. The store oozes good vibes and those wonderful corner are difficult to find.

    Um, I might be in lust with the daisy beady beauty in the vintage jewelry box.

  4. There are some beautiful pieces, I would love being lost in here for a couple of hours.

  5. I love antiques, and a shop does appear in one of my manuscripts. I don't think it would even feel like a "job" going there to spend the day, there's so much to see and wonder about.

  6. yeah, i was gonna say, working there might be okay. :) good for you. love that your sis wrote all the details down for you. my kinda woman!

  7. Wow! If you have to go out to a job, being at Miss Hattie's looks like a fine place to be.

  8. Miss Hattie's is right up my alley. I have worked in a second hand store, an antique mall and a coop furniture store.....loved them all and also the folks who come in and find .....a treasure. Have fun at work. Oma Linda

  9. It sounds like fun, especially if you're not too busy or stressed out.

  10. Lots of goodies. My family was big in all that for many years, I did a lot of refinishing. Now you are suppose to leave it alone.

  11. That's a cool job. It'll give you ideas for your art. You'll have to not fall to the temptation of buying stuff, though.:)

  12. I'm darn sure I'd leave a sizable portion of my wallet holdings behind, if I ever visited that store. Don't ever give me the address. Please.

    Unless I beg.


  13. Wonderful! What a fun place- I LOVE the cabinet full of old tins- awesome.
    Up here the big deal is mid-century crapola! Ugly then , ugly now but the youngins seem to love it- could be the Mad Men syndrome.

  14. Ahh I love antique shops. Frank's comment above is very true. He's picked up so many items that he could have his own shop. ;)

  15. I'd love to work in that shop
    for much the same reasons - pretty things and people

    I love all the photos, I was pouring over them

  16. You are right, if you have to work, at least let it be fun! So far I have not had to go out in the winter and find employment. He who loves big machines has found a job with a recovery and wrecker service. He likes it a little too much!!

  17. Wow the shop is massive Ellen!

  18. I love to browse in Antique Emporia. I don't very often buy anything because I have far too much 'stuff' already, but rummaging is a great pleasure.

  19. I love this store! Great pictures. I can almost smell it ... in my mind, it smells like my grandmother's apartment.

    I'm glad you're hanging out with the old things - I'm sure they appreciate your aesthetic.

  20. I love stores like this. Mike & I used to go to Waynesville Ohio to check out the antique stores - & now that I drive through it to go to work each day we don't visit.

  21. Wow. Seriously, what a perfect antique store. You are so lucky to work there.


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