Wednesday, October 12, 2011

small town fun

The junior college here in this small Texas town has started its concert series and last night was the jazz concert. 'Jazz' seems to be a loosely defined term and I think that's what they call it because the band is made up of mostly brass...trumpets, trombones, and saxophones. They also had a drum set, a keyboard, and a bass guitar. The young woman who played bass guitar had black hair with a big shock of magenta right in front. And the drum kit had two drummers who switched off.

What they play is not exactly what I think of when I think of jazz and their song selection was not what I would call jazz either. I mean, Stairway to Heaven?

I kid you not.

Stairway to Heaven

Along with a Blues Brothers medley, a King of Pop medley, Thriller, and Old Time Rock and Roll.

Old Time Rock and Roll had all us old farts rockin' an' a boppin'.

But Stairway to Heaven? I still can't get over that one. The middle part was fairly upbeat but the beginning and end was a dirge. Like what they play on their way to the funeral.

The program was blessedly short, about an hour, but all in all, an enjoyable outing. The kids are all right.


  1. Sounds like you can enjoy it for what it is. Sure don't see any jazz classics in that playlist. Then again, Basie and Duke were dead before most of these performers were even conceived, right? Like the post. EFH

  2. Its hard to tell what may be on the program unless you go. Sometimes a gem and sometimes one in the rough.I have had fun with music and plays here, in a small town you take what you can get for cultural events.

  3. :-)

    Jazz ain't what it used to be.


  4. Jazzy or not, it's nice to read about young college kids actually getting together and playing music. Rocking out, jazzing it up, it's all good :)

  5. "stairway's" like a rite of passage for high school kids - especially when the old fart conducting them happens to be from the era (when the only way you could get through that piece of music by the way was if you were huffing back on something good or making out!) steven

  6. No classics there, sounds like fun anyway though. take care. hope you have been well.

  7. Be grateful for small mercies, it's probably all they had rehearsed and learned to play adequately.

    At least you had a concert to bop along with.

  8. That is weird!! But music!! Woot!!
    Sounds cool

  9. Sounds like our experience with the polka band playing the Electric Slide :)

  10. You don't ever really know what you're gonna get in a jazz concert, never. Hubbie is a jazz musician & one week can be a world away from another, depending on who he's playing with... but I have never heard Stairway to Heaven, that's true.

  11. Yeah, that is not jazz, nope. Sounds fun though.

  12. Ha! Well, perhaps they billed the show in a, um, creative manner, but it's a good thing when you can get out and see local talent. And the price tag is usually pretty painful.

    Took the kids to see their teacher's perform a murder mystery/comedy last night at the school. It was very funny and the faculty was terrific! What I loved was seeing the kids' jaws drop when one of their English teachers came out dressed as a woman. They had their eyes glued to the stage the entire time and it was nearly a three hour production.

    Sometimes you get a so-so show, but I'm often amazed by the local talent we have around here and elsewhere.


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