Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a day in the life

I don't know where the time goes.  I'm busy all the time but don't seem to ever get anything accomplished.  Let's see.  Monday I was prepared to work in the antique store for my sister because she had been called for jury duty, only when she got there they had canceled it.  So I planted a row of pole beans (seeds from plants we grew earlier) and some spinach in the strawberry bed.  The strawberry plants struggled valiantly but they didn't survive the brutal summer.

Sunday I tightened up the cement blocks around the strawberry bed and then hammered in two tall stakes in the corners, took apart one of the old tomato cages and flattened it and tied it to the stakes for the beans to climb on.  My little tepee from the spring was cute but impractical as it turned out.  I think I'm going to plant sweet peas between the bean plants for spring.

Sunday and Saturday were spent mostly in the yard.  Well we went to the grocery store on Saturday.  I have several objectives...move all the bricks away from the side of the garage, plant some of the things in pots which means digging up grass, pulling grass out of flower beds and lining them with bricks which facilitates the moving the bricks away from the side of the garage.  

Anyway, back to yesterday. We start late, not getting up til about 7:30 usually but sometimes later.  We breakfast late, about 9:30, 10 o'clock.  The first two hours of the day are spent with coffee and reading blogs, getting mail, waking up.  We traditionally don't speak during this time.  It's safer that way.

After breakfast is when I did my planting and then I dragged out my sewing machine and mended the seam on the covering of my feather pillow that was letting little fluff feathers escape and the next thing I knew it was 1:15.  I watch a soap opera during that hour so I cleaned off the big table and got out the enlargement for the full size drawing I have to do and made very little progress on it.

Then it was lunchtime which is 2, 2:30 sometimes later so I got out the salmon and onions and capers and crackers while Marc ran up to the store to get cream cheese.  

After lunch I repaired some cracks in two of the rain collector barrels (as if I'm actually going to need them) and then hauled out the flat lap to continue working to flatten the bottom of the moonflower box.  My third session with it.  I have a small diamond flat lap which takes so much longer than my friend's big loose grit flat lap (I know, shop talk, sorry) but I'm not in town so I finally got it down to a point which I found, if not perfect, at least acceptable for attaching the feet.  Then I worked with the hand grinder on the inside rim of the box til the top fit.  By then it was a little after 7 PM.

Time to fix myself a drink and sit on the couch while Marc does dinner which is usually around 8ish.

Later I'll have to do the dishes...or not. (didn't)


  1. I do the dishes about every other day. This is how I know that there aren't any ghosts because my mother doesn't shout at me from teh grave :) Boy she would be so annoyed with me leaving those dishes there!

    My body would love to have your schedule, but I guess after over 20 years of working in offices it has finally figured out how to make do. The trick is to not stay up too late - I'm still working on that part.

  2. Your day sounds much like mine. I particularly like the late mornings since I stay up so late at night. Finally, things are my way! :)

  3. It may not seem like a lot of things to you, but reading this, it seemed it to me. Even little things keep us moving forward :)

  4. Busy busy lady. But what really caught my eye was your lunch. YUM [minus the capers]

    Glad it has cooled off a bit there. Hopefully next summer won't be so brutal or at least more rainy.

  5. Sounds like my life except that I always cook and sometimes my husband does the dishes.

  6. You almost wore me out. i do dishes easy, wash put in the dry rack snd always use the same ones, never to have to put many away.

  7. Wow! You have been busy!! Tired me out just reading!
    Getting ready here for my surgery tomorrow morning...6 A.M.!! Yikes!
    Anywho...busy here too!

  8. Where does the time go? Every morning I set a goal to accomplish and I usually do, but it seems to take longer than it used to. Since I started taking the blood pressure meds, I don't seem to have as much stamina and have to pace myself throughout the day. I always leave my dishes, it is a morning chore to loosen my stiff hands.

  9. Sounds like a very productive day to me. And I love the part where you get to relax and have a drink while Mark cooks dinner. :) Cheers!

  10. Its a nice schedule Ellen - I'm an early starter - but also hate talking to anyone, suits me that the boy is not inclined to rise from his pit until about 10ish.

  11. You certainly do seem to be very busy. I'm sure if you didn't do half the stuff you mention you would be able to notice the difference.

  12. Nodding my head in agreement with Marguerite! ;D


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